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Chat transcript: June 22
Greenberg's Crystal Ball

By the time June 27 rolls around, Brad Greenberg will be reciting the 2001 NBA Draft prospects in his sleep.

Greenberg is evaluating the Draft backwards, forwards, inside, outside, upside-down as a special analyst for Not only did he provide commentary on each of the 29 teams' needs, but he is also doing a weekly position comparison where he ranks and evaluates the best prospects of NBA Draft 2001.

Greenberg brings 22 years of successful NBA and NCAA management and coaching experience to as our player personnel expert. His roles included eight years in the personnel department of the Portland Trail Blazers and a stint as general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. It was during Greenberg's tenure that the Sixers drafted league MVP Allen Iverson.

Greenberg chatted live on on June 22.

chris a from at 1:02pm ET
Do you think the Wizards will trade the No. 1 draft pick? If they do trade it, who will they trade it to?

Brad Greenberg at 1:03pm ET
Yes, I do think they will consider trading the pick and to whom depends on the best offer. Many offers will be coming in or being negotiated until the beginning of the draft, so it's hard to pinpoint who they might trade it to. But I think they would love to get players of a No. 1 pick asset, possibly veteran players and/or other players somewhere in the Lottery.
Jamel from at 1:04pm ET
Where do you see Omar Cook going and is he ready?

Brad Greenberg at 1:05pm ET
I think Omar Cook will be a first round pick, probably somewhere between 15-25. He has the ball-handling skills, size and the basketball instincts necessary for the NBA, but needs to develop to be an important player down the road.
Joe K. from at 1:05pm ET
What's your opinion of Kedrick Brown, the junior college All-American, and where will he go in the draft?

Brad Greenberg at 1:06pm ET
Reports indicate that Brown is a very athletic swingman prospect. He has good skills, is a hard worker and a strong athlete. Rumors have the Trail Blazers showing genuine interest so it is possible that he could go 19th to Portland. They seem to be the team that is apparently most intrigued by his potential.
James May from at 1:06pm ET
Why on earth is Joe Forte predicted to go so low in the draft after what I have interpreted as two great years of NCAA basketball? Why is this the case, especially when you consider he was so well thought of during collage and came in third in voting behind Duke's two great players, Battier and Williams?

Brad Greenberg at 1:08pm ET
There are so many big frontcourt prospects in this draft and so many teams always looking for frontcourt help that a lot of guards have been pushed back out of the minds of draft prognosticators. I think Joe Forte is a strong prospect and feel he could be the third big guard prospect selected in the draft.
Muesques from at 1:08pm ET
What about Pau Gasol? What options does he have?

Brad Greenberg at 1:09pm ET
Well he's going to be drafted, probably somewhere up to 15. And then it will be up to him to determine whether or not he wants to sign immediately with an NBA club. He reportedly has a $2.5 million buyout contract with Barcelona and he will have to make a financial decision whether to pay the majority of that money for his career next season. The NBA club that drafts him will be able to chip in $350,000 towards his buyout.
Terrell from at 1:10pm ET
Mr. Greenberg, do you really thing that Eddy Curry will make an impact in the league? I've seen him play and he's good, but will his speed prevent him from becoming a dominant player?

Brad Greenberg at 1:12pm ET
As with all young players, especially young big men, it's important to be patient. Curry is a player who has potential to be a strong NBA player, but needs time and training to realize his potential. He first has to get in professional shape to have any chance to compete against world class athletes. After that, he faces major adjustments playing against big people who are technically, physically and emotionally more mature than he is. It will be quite a challenge.
Falgun from at 1:12pm ET
Which team do you think will benefit the most after the 2001 draft?

Brad Greenberg at 1:13pm ET
Boston has an opportunity to add a number of pieces to their roster and the flexibility to package picks to maneuver into higher position in the draft. Orlando has multiple picks and a very creative general manager in John Gabriel who will be maneuvering aggressively to add some frontcourt help.
Mike from MSG at 1:14pm ET
Any thought on what the Knicks will do this year? They are notorious for not playing rookies. In fact, most players don't get off the bench until their third season in New York. Is there a point to the Knicks even drafting anyone?

Brad Greenberg at 1:16pm ET
The Knicks picking at 39 aren't expecting the draft to offer any solutions to their roster. This is a veteran team looking to improve itself through a trade or by using a mid-level exception to add a veteran player. The reason young players don't get many opportunities on the Knicks is because they've got a strong roster.
Phil. G from at 1:16pm ET
Who do you think will be the first draft pick this year????

Brad Greenberg at 1:17pm ET
I think Shane Battier should be the first pick. He's experienced, talented, mentally and physically tough and has leadership ability that separates him from every other player in this draft. Any team will benefit immediately from having him on their roster.

However, there are some younger players that intrigue NBA scouts with their potential to be "special" players down the road. Kwame Brown is such a player.
BAPS from at 1:18pm ET
Hi Brad. Do you think the Bulls will improve at all after this year's draft?

Brad Greenberg at 1:19pm ET
Yes. Considering the Bulls had only two NBA starter-quality players in Elton Brand and Ron Mercer, they will be able to select a strong young prospect at No. 4. They also have salary cap room that gives them more flexibility to improve their roster for next season. I think their roster will be markedly better next year, but still not playoff-caliber.
Tanguy from at 1:20pm ET
What do you think about Horace Jenkins, the oldest player to be in the draft this year? How do you think he can fit in the NBA considering he played at William Patterson, a Division III school?

Brad Greenberg at 1:21pm ET
I think Jenkins will have an opportunity to try out for an NBA team. He might not get drafted, but somebody will invite him to their rookie camp. It's tough for little guards to carve out spots on any roster, but Jenkins has great quickness and the ability to break down defenders. He'll get an honest look, if he's not drafted in the second round.
John S. from at 1:21pm ET
What number do you see Jeff Trepagnier being drafted? He is one of the most entertaining players I've ever watched, and an incredible athlete.

Brad Greenberg at 1:22pm ET
There's a chance Trepagnier could get drafted late in the first round. I expect him to go somewhere between 25 and 35. He has the athletic ability and size to match up against big guards. He just needs experience to polish up his shooting skills.
malik from at 1:23pm ET
What do you think the Celtics will go for, the team's needs or the best player available?

Brad Greenberg at 1:25pm ET
I think the Celtics will try to add a point guard if possible and some big frontcourt help. I think they would like to add a center prospect and will have the opportunity to consider players like Loren Woods, Steven Hunter and possibly DeSagana Diop. Jim O'Brien enjoys working with young players from his college days and is well-suited to train a young prospect. They can add players at the point, bigger frontcourt positions which would free up Paul Pierce to play big guard and Antoine Walker to move over to small forward.
Hank from at 1:25pm ET
Do you think Rodney White has a chance to go as high as No. 1, due to the recent talks about his fabulous workouts?

Brad Greenberg at 1:27pm ET
Rodney White's stock has skyrocketed in the last month. It's not out of the question for him to be drafted in the top five. It's hard to pinpoint a No. 1 pick right now. This is a draft where there is no consensus No. 1 selection. His size and inside-outside potential have excited scouts.
Octavio at 1:27pm ET
What do you see the Miami Heat doing for the Draft and next year?

Brad Greenberg at 1:29pm ET
It's important for the Heat to figure out their point guard situation for next season. Can Tim Hardaway provide them quality minutes as a starter for another year? They need also to figure out if Brian Grant and Anthony Mason can work together as forwards to provide the Heat with a huge frontcourt, when teamed with Alonzo Mourning. They'll have to improve via free agency and the use of the mid-level exception or with some trade because at 49, they can't expect to find a player that can help a team as strong as Miami. I think if healthy, they're as strong as any team in the Eastern Conference next season. And if they can answer that point guard dilemma.
mike from at 1:30pm ET
Will the Pistons take Brendan Haywood?

Brad Greenberg at 1:32pm ET
I think the Pistons would like to draft a big center prospect. They'll be looking at DeSagana Diop, who is huge and still just 18 years old and somebody many consider better at the same stage than Haywood was when he was 18. If they want experience, Haywood provides that. Some scouts feel he has the ability to contribute in a similar fashion to the way Phoenix's rookie center, Jake Tsakalidis did last year.
chris a from at 1:32pm ET
Do you think any of the high schoolers in the draft will make as big of an impact as Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnett are doing now?

Brad Greenberg at 1:34pm ET
Kwame Brown has the most intriguing "upside" of all the young high school prospects. He has the size and bulk to be a dangerous inside-outside threat and the athletic ability to be a versatile defender and cover forwards or centers when he matures physically. Some scouts feel he has Kevin Garnett "upside."

Brad Greenberg at 1:35pm ET
It's been great chatting with all you draft gurus. Five days to go before the real thing. Get your mock drafts out. Get ready for what will be an exciting draft where we'll see another pool of talented young players pursue their dreams.

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