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Chat transcript: Draft Day, June 27
Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol joined for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Hawks with the third pick overall.

Raphael at 8:37pm ET
Hey Pau, what changes will you have to make to your game to be successful in the NBA's more physical play?

Pau Gasol at 8:37pm ET
You have to play hard. The players are physically very strong. With my talent and quality, I should be okay in this game.
Adam at 8:37pm ET
Gasol, do you think that you could guard such a player as Shaquille O Neal?

Pau Gasol at 8:37pm ET
No way!
Daniel Simão Nascimento at 8:39pm ET
To Pau: How do you feel about being constantly compared to Nowitzki?

Pau Gasol at 8:39pm ET
I guess it's a compliment to me. I hope to be able to demonstrate as much as Dirk has been able to demonstrate in the NBA.

at 8:40pm ET
What five European players would you say are NBA-caliber?

Pau Gasol at 8:42pm ET
Juan Carlos Navarro, Gregor Fucka, Emanuel Ginobili, Raul Lopez and his last name is Anderson -- I don't remember his first name. He plays in Bologna.
A battie fan at 8:42pm ET
How do you feel to be the third pick in the draft? Did you ever imagine this?

Pau Gasol at 8:42pm ET
I am excited. I am shocked right now and I can't believe all that has happened here.
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