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Chat transcript: June 25
Jazz Notes

From the original days in New Orleans to the years in Salt Lake City to the games in Las Vegas, David Fredman has seen and done it all for the Jazz.

One of the two remaining members of the original Jazz staff from New Orleans, the versatile Fredman just completed the14th season in basketball operations and his second as director of scouting/assistant coach. Serving as Vice President of Basketball Operations Kevin O'Connor's right-hand man, Fredman assists with player personnel decisions and spends countless hours on the road evaluating prospects nationally and internationally.

The 47-year-old began working for the expansion New Orleans Jazz as an intern in public relations and ticket sales and has served as the franchise's director of public relations, marketing and broadcasting. He has provided color commentary on Jazz television network broadcasts (1980-83), overseen the Jazz's operations in Las Vegas when the team played 11 games there in 1983-84, assembled a radio network, produced games on television and sold advertising.

The native of Marion, Illinois, attended Logan Junior College (Carterville, IL) and Southern Illinois before earning a bachelor's degree in communications from Loyola University (New Orleans, LA). Fredman is active in the community and serves on the board of directors of Turn Community Services, which assists people with disabilities in the Salt Lake City area. He and his wife, Sheila, are the parents of two children (Lauren and Michael), and they reside in Salt Lake City.

Fredman chatted live on June 25.
Landon from at 7:32pm ET
What do you see the Jazz doing with the 24th selection? Do you think they will try to move up, stay put, or even use the pick at all?

David Fredman at 7:32pm ET
Even though we're close to the draft, I'm not sure that question can be answered at this point because we're going to explore all our options. When you're picking 24, you're at the mercy of 23 other teams.
Eli from at 7:32pm ET
What do you think about UNC guard Joseph Forte?

David Fredman at 7:33pm ET
I think he's got a very big upside as we like to say in this business. Bright future. I think he is one of the few guards in this draft who will have the ability to play both the two guard and some point guard.
John from Salt Lake at 7:33pm ET
What do you think of Troy Ostler this year from Hawaii but born in Utah?

David Fredman at 7:34pm ET
I thought he played very well in Chicago, showed he could shoot the ball. He needs to work on building his body. I'm not sure he'll get drafted this year, but I'd be surprised if he didn't turn up in someone's summer camp.
Quinton at 7:34pm ET
Who are the Jazz looking at in this year's draft? How good is the European player coming in this season?

David Fredman at 7:35pm ET
We had six players in today to meet with our staff and again, it's very hard to narrow it down when you're picking in the lower third of the draft. We had in Kenny Satterfield from Cincinnati, Tony Parker from France, Ruben Boumtje Boumtje from Georgetown, Jason Collins from Stanford, Alvin Jones from Georgia Tech and Ousmane Cisse, the high school kid. But of course it's too early to tell how many will be available or if any will be available.

We feel very anxious to get Andrei Kirilenko in. We feel if he was in this year's draft he'd be a high lottery pick. He was named the European player of the year. We're excited to have him in and he's scheduled to play in the Rocky Mountain Revue.
paul taylor from at 7:36pm ET
Of the players you've scouted at the shooting guard, who would you say has the most all-around potential to be a great scorer?

David Fredman at 7:37pm ET
Jason Richardson has to be looked at at the top of the list because of his athleticism. He can do a lot of things athletically and he continues to improve on his shooting. I think he has a chance to come into the league and make an impact, score some points.
Michael McLeod from at 7:37pm ET
Are the Jazz looking for a big man?? Or a shooter to replace Hornacek (best player ever to enter the NBA)??

David Fredman at 7:38pm ET
I think we go on the philosophy you can never have enough big guys so yes, we are looking into big men in this draft. Also, with the new rules going into next year, we think you're going to have to have shooters. Shooting's going to be even more of a premium than it's been in the past.
John from Sydney Australia from at 7:38pm ET
I was hoping you could give me your opinion on the chances of the two Greek players in the draft Fotsis and Tsartsaris.

David Fredman at 7:39pm ET
I think Fotsis has a very good chance to be in the late first round. He has improved his game this year; he's a good shooter and he has size. Tsartsaris I think will more likely be drafted in the second round.
Martin Banderas at 7:39pm ET
What do you think about Raul Lopez? European journalists say that he could be the next John Stockton. Do you agree with them?

David Fredman at 7:40pm ET
It's been my privilege and pleasure to be associated with John Stockton since the 1984-85 season so I wouldn't want to put that sort of pressure on a prospect's career. We like Lopez's game, but he has a $5 million buyout on his current contract with Real Madrid.
jason from at 7:40pm ET
What do you think of Ken Johnson, center from Ohio State? Is there a high possibility that the Jazz will draft him?

David Fredman at 7:41pm ET
I think Ken Johnson could go into the area where the Jazz are picking so obviously he's someone we have to have our radar screens on. He reminds me of a smaller version of an Ervin Johnson, who plays for the Milwaukee Bucks in that he's a strong rebounder and a good shot blocker, but he's going to have to make some improvements on the offensive end.
Jon B at 7:41pm ET
How big is the kid (point guard) from France, and what are his assets and weaknesses?

David Fredman at 7:42pm ET
I think you're talking about Tony Parker. We think he's about 6-2. He's very quick and he shoots the ball well. He's only 19 and we think he has a very bright future.
Chase fan from idaho from at 7:42pm ET
Who has caught your eye in this draft??

David Fredman at 7:43pm ET
It's been an interesting process preparing for this draft because of the number of high school kids entering this draft and trying to keep an eye on Europe. So it's hard to name one name, but I think this is a deep draft. There are a lot of positions to keep an eye on.
jason from at 7:43pm ET
Could you give us a tentative Rocky Mountain roster if possible?

David Fredman at 7:44pm ET
Yes. We're kind of waiting until after the draft to finalize that because we want to see what we get. But we've invited Rusty LaRue, formerly of the Chicago Bulls, who last season was a teammate of Andrei Kirilenko in Moscow. Other than that, we didn't want to give a lot of free agent invitations in case we drafted a player in that position. So we're going to hold off announcing a lot of the players until after the draft.
Jon B at 7:44pm ET
Is it possible the Jazz go for a point guard if he is available?

David Fredman at 7:45pm ET
I think so. Obviously we have a need at that position as a backup for John Stockton. Jacques Vaughn who played that position last year is a free agent and I'm sure he's going to explore his options. But we're not going to lock into any particular position as we go into the draft on Wednesday.
Chase fan from idaho from at 7:45pm ET
WHat about Jeryl Sasser?? What do you think aboout him??

David Fredman at 7:46pm ET
He's another young man we brought in this past week for a workout. We think he's a versatile player who can play some point guard and some shooting guard. He's about 6-6 and he's got very long arms. So I think he has a chance to go at the end of the first round or the beginning of the second round.
Steve from at 7:46pm ET
What do you think about GMU's George Evans?

David Fredman at 7:47pm ET
I was very impressed with his play in the NCAA tournament and I also think he had a good Portsmouth. I think NBA teams will look at him as a guy who plays very hard if he has a chance to play, but I think the fact that he's 30 years old will scare some teams away from him.
Josh from at 7:47pm ET
So, will the youth movement help or hurt the Jazz?

David Fredman at 7:48pm ET
I think it can help the Jazz. I think we're going to have a good mixture of youth and veterans. I think the leaders of the team will remain the same in Stockton and Malone and I think they'll help the young players into the NBA. I think we'll remain competitive and win games, while developing the younger players.
S Diego Jazz Fan from at 7:48pm ET
I've heard rumors of a possible trade w/ the New Jersey Nets for Keith Van Horn. Are these rumors just rumors, or can we possibly see the Jazz make a move for Van Horn?

David Fredman at 7:49pm ET
I think at this point that they're just rumors. However, I think Kevin O'Connor will be very impressive in doing whatever necessary to improve our team. I think Keith Van Horn would be interested in playing here after his great career at Utah and that's why his name comes up. But I think they're just rumors at this point.
Otis from at 7:50pm ET
There are a lot of high school players in the draft. Out of all of them who you think will be in the top 10,and out of your pick who you think is the top two high school players in the draft and why?

David Fredman at 7:50pm ET
I look at these high schoolers to possibly be in the top 10: Kwame Brown, Tyson Chandler, Eddy Curry and DeSagana Diop. At this moment, and I emphasize at this moment, I would have to rate the top two high school players as Kwame Brown and Eddy Curry. I think Brown is the most talented high school player in this draft.

David Fredman at 7:51pm ET
Thanks for having me. It's been fun and this is a busy time of year for all of us who are fortunate enough to work in the NBA. I think it's exciting for all the fans who follow the NBA. Thanks so much!
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