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Chat transcript: Draft Day, June 27
DeSagana Diop

DeSagana Diop joined for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Cavs with the eighth pick overall.

Jewelz at 9:02pm ET
Did you expect you would get picked this high in the draft ?

DeSagana Diop at 9:02pm ET
Yes. I think I worked hard for it.
Bashar from San Jose, Cali from at 9:02pm ET
Hi Sagana too bad GSW didn't take you. Will you be breaking down backboards anytime soon?

DeSagana Diop at 9:03pm ET
I hope so. When I dunk on Shaq.
Gary W. Story from at 9:03pm ET
Sagana, coming out of high school, how fast do you expect to become an impact player in the NBA?

DeSagana Diop at 9:03pm ET
I think if I work hard, I can be an impact player in the first game.
Jerrod at 9:03pm ET
How do you like being compared to Shaquille O'Neal?

DeSagana Diop at 9:03pm ET
Shaq is a great player--he's big. I feel good being compared to him. I just have to work hard. at 9:04pm ET
DeSanga- what is your first impression of the Cavaliers and how much of an impact do you expect to make in your rookie year?

DeSagana Diop at 9:04pm ET
I like the coaches a lot. They came to watch me work out and they're good men. They're going to help me be the best.
AndyfromAustria at 9:04pm ET
Diop: How's your foot? I've heard it's injured!

DeSagana Diop at 9:04pm ET
My foot is good. It doesn't hurt anymore.
Tom from Belgium from at 9:05pm ET
Sagana, What do you think about all those high school kids getting picked in the frist round?

DeSagana Diop at 9:05pm ET
I think it's a good thing. I think we deserve it. We worked hard for it and we have to keep working hard.
Goose from AZ from at 9:05pm ET
DeSagana how did you prepare yourself for the mental part of playing in the NBA with the higher level of competition?

DeSagana Diop at 9:06pm ET
Listen to the people who were there before us, the veterans. Don't come in and be the man. Listen and learn.
LosHeatDeMiami from at 9:06pm ET
You and Andre Miller, you think that will be the Shaq/Kobe Combo of the East?

DeSagana Diop at 9:06pm ET
I hope so! I've watched him play. I like his game. I think he's a great player.
Angus at 9:07pm ET
Diop: Your defense and hustle is unquestionable, how would you describe your offensive game at this point?

DeSagana Diop at 9:07pm ET
I think I can shoot the ball from three-point range. I've got a good inside shot too. I just have to keep working on everything.
kisha at 9:07pm ET
What is it like playing at the highest level of the game you love?

DeSagana Diop at 9:08pm ET
It feels great. The game you love and you will make money too doing what you want to do, what you love. It feels great. I'm just happy.
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