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Chat transcript: Draft Day, June 27
Eddy Curry

Eddy Curry joined for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Bulls with the fourth pick overall.

Angus at 8:56pm ET
Curry: You and Chandler on the same team?? How does that me you feel?

Eddy Curry at 8:56pm ET
It feels good. I never would have expected to play with Tyson and I surely wouldn't have expected to play without Elton Brand.
Ethan at 8:56pm ET
Eddy Curry, do you think you can defend Shaq at all?

Eddy Curry at 8:56pm ET
Eventually. I don't think anyone right now can defend Shaq, especially an 18-year old coming into the league out of high school.
Adam at 8:57pm ET
Curry, What type of impact do you think that you will make in the NBA? Do you think that you will be as good as Kobe Bryant in a few years?

Eddy Curry at 8:57pm ET
I think an immediate impact. I'm going to bring a lot of size, a lot of strength and hopefully, between me and Tyson, we're going to be the missing pieces to the puzzle.
yoooo from at 8:57pm ET
Eddy Curry- How do you feel about being one of the top picks in the draft?

Eddy Curry at 8:58pm ET
It feels great, a dream come true right now, especially to be one of the top picks and go to the Chicago Bulls. It's unreal.
Jamara at 8:58pm ET
Curry- How will you prepare yourself for the physical pounding over the course of an 82 game season?

Eddy Curry at 8:58pm ET
Continue to work hard. Do everything that got me here at this point. And a little bit more.
Matt S from PA at 8:58pm ET
Curry, what player are you looking forward to defend?

Eddy Curry at 8:59pm ET
Shaq. I want to see what it's like to play Shaq. I've seen him bang up against a lot of people and I want to see where I stand.
AndyfromAustria at 8:59pm ET
Curry: How does it feel playing for Chicago your hometown?!?

Eddy Curry at 8:59pm ET
It's a dream come true. I've thought about it a lot, but I never really thought it would be a reality.
sixers should of won at 8:59pm ET
Eddy: Being drafted to Chicago is awesome. With all of the young players on Chicago in Artest, Fizer, Mercer, and Drew do you think you and Chandler can make a playoff run with all of the young players?

Eddy Curry at 9:00pm ET
Definitely. You watch a young team like the Clippers come from nothing and make an immediate impact once the season started. So we look to do the same next year.
stasinho from at 9:00pm ET
Now after the Bulls have traded Elton Brand,you've become the biggest hope to be the star on a very young team. How do you feel about such a responsibility?

Eddy Curry at 9:00pm ET
I feel good about it. I like the challenge and this is definitely a challenge to me. I'm going to step up to the plate.
SWISH from at 9:00pm ET

Eddy Curry at 9:01pm ET
Chris Webber. He's a versatile player and I think I'm the same way. But people's perception of me when they first see me is power.
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