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Chat transcript: Draft Day, June 27
Draft Day Chats: Kwame Brown

Kwame Brown joined for a live chat shortly after being selected by the Wizards with the number one pick.

Sjorn at 8:50pm ET
Kwame: What is a bigger excitement for you? Possibility of playing alongside Michael Jordan, or being the first high school player to be picked first?

Kwame Brown at 8:50pm ET
Without a doubt, the possibility of playing alongside Michael Jordan. I was his biggest fan. I think it will be a great situation whether he comes back or not because he's Michael. You can learn a lot from him whether he's playing or not so I think I'll just be a sponge and soak up as much as I can.
Dakotah B at 8:51pm ET
Kwame- Have you talked to Michael Jordan very much? What kind of advice did he give you, and what are your thoughts on whether he will return?

Kwame Brown at 8:51pm ET
Yeah, I've talked to Michael. I guess the advice he gave me was to keep working hard. He didn't say much to any individual - we were there as a group. He joked with us and just his being there put a lot of pressure on us. We just did what we had to do, go out there and perform.
Grizzles_Fan at 8:51pm ET
Kwame As you mature through experience in the NBA, How do you think you will adapt to the level of play in the NBA compared to high school?

Kwame Brown at 8:52pm ET
I really can't answer that right now because I've never played in the NBA. I'll do the things I can to prepare my body for the NBA and I'll prepare my mind by doing a lot of reading. Whatever happens happens and I think the game will take care of itself if you prepare your mind and your body.
Jarid from at 8:52pm ET
Kwame, how close are the Wizards are to becoming a playoff team?

Kwame Brown at 8:53pm ET
I really can't answer that because I don't see those guys working day in and day out. Once I get in the trenches and play with them - and if Michael comes back that will definitely be a factor - so I'll know once I get in and start playing.
celt from at 8:53pm ET
Kwame-what's the first thing your going to get for your family after you cross the t's and dot the i's?

Kwame Brown at 8:53pm ET
The first thing I'll get for my family is the traditional thing - a house. I'm going to buy my mom the biggest house she wants. I'm going to treat my mom the best I can.
babysaac from at 8:53pm ET
Do you see yourself more as a PF or SF in the NBA?

Kwame Brown at 8:54pm ET
I'm just going to leave that up to the coach. I'm a player; that's my job now. It's not my job to make decisions about where I play.
phatpharmdawg at 8:54pm ET
How do you feel about comparisons between you and Garnett?

Kwame Brown at 8:55pm ET
I don't feel anything. I guess if I was Garnett, I'd be a little upset at being compared to a high school guy. I haven't paid any dues yet. I'm just going to go in and deal with the pressure of all the NBA guys being mad at me for being No. 1 so I'll work hard.
imdrgnut at 8:55pm ET
Kwame, what do you think will be your biggest adjustment coming into the NBA?

Kwame Brown at 8:55pm ET
I think the biggest adjustment for me will be the mental adjustment, learning the game and the off-the-court life.
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