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Media Availability: Tuesday, June 26
Vladimir Radmanovic

Q: How much better do you think you have gotten since you have been in this country? (Editor's Note -- Radmanovic has been working out for NBA teams for the past five weeks).

Radmanovic: I feel much better. When I came here, nobody knows me. Now everybody is talking about me, putting me in some good place in the Draft.

Q: Could you describe your game? How do you play?

Radmanovic: I'm trying to put ball in rim. That's all. I like to play facing the rim. Sometimes I post up if I have a smaller player defending me.

Q: If you play like anybody who is in the NBA, now, who would that be?

Radmanovic: Maybe like Peja Stojakovic (of the Sacramento Kings). We are the same position and we have the same body, and the shot.

Q: Growing up in Yugoslavia, who did you try to copy?

Radmanovic: Michael Jordan. That is the best player in the world for all time. When he decided to retire, the game is not the same. But there is lot of good players in the NBA, but Michael is the one. There is a reason nobody talks about anyone else. When you say Michael Jordan, everybody knows: in China, in Africa. For other players, we must play more and more to be like he is.

Q: How important was it for you to come to the U.S. and work out for teams in person?

Radmanovic: There are not a lot of scouts in Yugoslavia. The situation there is that they need Visas. It is much easier for scouts to go to Spain or Italy. It was important for me because I showed here what I can do, the good and bad things.

Q: Have you talked to Vlade Divac?

Radmanovic: Yes, I played with Vlade Divac a couple of games during the lockout. He played in Yugoslavia for Red Star (Belgrade). He is a great guy and a great player. Q: Did he show you some moves?

Radmanovic: You can learn a lot by watching him. He don't need to show you. You just need to watch him.

Q: Did Vlade tell you about differences in the NBA from Europe?

Radmanovic: He said in NBA there are 82 games. In Europe you might have 50 or 60 games maximum. He said one day you are in New York, second day in LA, Chicago, and that is different. In Europe, you play Tuesday and Sunday and it's always like that. You can rest between two games. Here when you have day of rest, you must rest to be ready for next game. That is big difference. And he said the guys are faster. You must learn how to defend them.

Q: How about the new rules in the NBA?

Radmanovic: The game will be the same like in Europe. You need more good shooters for the game.

Q: Did the rules change affect your decision to come into the NBA?

Radmanovic: No. I decide to come into the Draft and come into the NBA because you have the best players here, and when you play with the best players, you become better player. With new rules, it is easier for European players to play in the NBA.

Q: Did you talk much to Peja?

Radmanovic: I talked to him yesterday for the first time. He was joking with me to come to Sacramento, but I said 'you are my position. I wouldn't play if I come to Sacramento.'

Q: Can you talk about why you transferred from Red Star to FMP Zeleznik and what that did for you as far as playing time?

Radmanovic: There was some problem with my contract, and I decided to go with FMP Zeleznik. Now I have contract with FMP, but I can go from club if another club will pay $300,000. I played position three, more than with Red Star. In Red Star, they don't have a lot of big players, and in Yugoslavia I can play power forward. But here, there is no chance to play that. Sometimes I play small forward, sometimes power forward, but I always try to get the three-point line, to dribble my player (defender), and I always play same game. I had good experience at Red Star, because I play Euroleague two years, not a lot (of minutes), but that is good experience for me because I was beginner, and it was my first pro year and I learned a lot.

Q: Do you feel the NBA teams know you well enough and did enough research on you?

Radmanovic: They know more than they did. They had some tapes on me, but it was not the same. When you have tape, it is not same as seeing player on the court. When you have tape, you can be the best player in the world. When they see what you can do (in person), it's different.

Q: You lived in Croatia as a young boy, then left when you were 10.

Radmanovic: I lived in Croatia in 1991, then the war start and my family and I moved into Serbia and we are living there now. My father was in military (Yugoslavian national army) and we took last military plane out of Croatia.

Q: Was that scary?

Radmanovic: It was scary, but I was a kid and I didn't know much about that. When I grow up, it is much scarier than that. But it's OK.

Q: Which was the first team workout?

Radmanovic: It was for Houston and the guys from Houston were great, they helped me a lot. It was a good experience. I thought it would be harder and more complicated, but it went great.

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