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NBA Draft 2001: Wednesday, June 27
Tony Parker

Tony Parker
28th pick, San Antonio Spurs

Q: Talk about being selected by San Antonio?

Parker: I'm very happy. I think it is a great situation for me, a better team for me. To play with [Tim] Duncan and [David] Robinson, they're going to get back to the finals conference. I think it's good for me to play over there.

Q: Did you have any indication that they would select you?

Parker: They told me that if I'm available at 28 they might take me. I thought I was going to go 21 to Boston or 22 to Orlando, but I'm very happy to be 28 going to San Antonio.

Q: What does it say to you that two European point guards went in the first round? Were you surprised by that at all?

Parker: No. Utah told me that they were going to take Raul Lopez because they wanted a player who was going to stay in Europe. He has a contract to stay five more years in Europe. So I knew they were going to take him.

Q: Talk about the adjustment you're going to have to make?

Parker: I have to work hard because everything is going to move faster here, more physical. So I have to hit the weights and prepare for the next season.

Q: Are you definitely playing this season?

Parker: Definitely.

Q: Was that your idea all along? No matter where you got picked?

Parker: Yep. My wish before the draft was to be picked by San Antonio. I think I'm not going to be available, so I'm very happy. I think it's a good team for me.

Q: Why?

Parker: Because it is easier to play with Duncan and Robinson. Penetrate, pass the ball and hit the open shot -- that's an easy job.

Q: How about the uncertainty of Avery Johnson since he's a free agent and that Terry Porter is getting older?

Parker: I don't know if they are going to re-sign [Johnson]. In the team, I'm going to learn. They play like 20 years in the NBA, so I'm definitely going to learn.

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