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NBA Draft 2001: Wednesday, June 27
Troy Murphy

Troy Murphy
No. 14 pick, Golden State Warriors

Q: Were you surprised to end up in Golden State?

Murphy: No, I didn't. I am surprised, but I hear it's a great place and I'm looking forward to getting out there and starting to work out.

Q: Where did you think you would be picked?

Murphy: I really had no idea. I figured it would be for one of the teams that I worked out for, but it didn't work out that way and that's fine.

Q: Which teams did you work out for?

Murphy: Seven through 13, and then I worked out for Washington.

Q: Was it frustrating to watch so many high school players go before you?

Murphy: No, I expected to go in this range, and I'm happy and it's a great day in my life. I'm just looking forward to getting started.

Q: What made up your mind to stay in the draft and not go back to Notre Dame?

Murphy: The fact that I think I had accomplished everything I needed to at Notre Dame and I was ready to take the next step.

Q: You've had a taste of the West Coast. Do you enjoy it?

Murphy: do enjoy it. It's real nice out there. I like it a lot. I was back there three months, working out in L.A., so I didn't get a chance to get up to the San Francisco area, but I'll be up there a lot.

Q: Can you talk about having always been doubted and underrated?

Murphy: I think I'm still doubted and underrated. I was doubted and underrated coming out of high school. People told me I couldn't play at Notre Dame. I played at Notre Dame and they said I wouldn't be good. I was good at Notre Dame and now people say I won't be a good NBA player. I'm going to prove everybody wrong and just keep getting the people that are doubting me.

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