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NBA Draft 2001: Wednesday, June 27
Kedrick Brown

Kedrick Brown
No. 11 pick, Boston Celtics

Q: When did you start hearing that you might be going in the first round?

Brown: Late, because I just found out I was coming here like a week ago, so it was like a one-minute thing.

Q: Can you talk about your injury?

Brown: I hurt my foot in junior college. I had turf toe, and working out two times a day and lifting weights every day, it was kind of hard on my foot.

Q: Can you talk about your thought process in deciding to come out early?

Brown: I didn't think about it until the end of my season. My junior college coach did a lot of research for me, and I really thought I was going to LSU. At that time I was at the top of my game. I was at the peak, so I thought this would be the right thing for me.

Q: How do you think you'll fit in with the Celtics?

Brown: I think Boston's a great team that I would like to play for. Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce, they're young guys just like myself, and I think Paul Pierce and I have similar games, so if they play all three of us at the same time, I think the other teams will have matchup problems.

Q: Can you describe your game?

Brown: It's more like a slashing game. Good defense, rebound, block shots, good perimeter skills.

Q: What position do you see yourself playing?

Brown: I think I'm going to start off as a small forward, but as time goes along, I keep working on my ballhandling skills, my perimeter shot, I think I can eventually slide to the two-spot.

Q: Is it unnerving that Boston selected you without contacting you at all?

Brown: I trust the people close to me. I put trust in my junior college coach and I put a lot of trust in God, and things will work out for me.

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