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NBA Draft 2001 Notes

A record 18 underclassmen were chosen in the 29-pick first round of NBA Draft 2000. The previous record for underclassmen chosen in the first round was 17 in the 1996 NBA Draft. Among the underclassmen selected in the first round that year were Allen Iverson, Marcus Camby, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Stephon Marbury and Ray Allen.

Although underclassmen have been a huge factor in the NBA Draft in recent years, seniors have been chosen with the first overall pick in three of the past four drafts. Although sophomore Elton Brand was the first selection in 1999, senior Kenyon Martin was the top pick in 2000, senior Michael Olowokandi was first in 1998 and senior Tim Duncan led off the draft in 1997.

The impact on the draft of international players, both those who have attended colleges in the States as well as those who play in international leagues, continues to grow. In NBA Draft 2000, 14 players born outside the United States were chosen in the draft, including a record seven international players chosen in the first round.

Draft-day trades made a huge impact on the NBA last June. By the end of the night, nine trades had been consummated involving 20 draft picks and six veteran NBA players.

Three sets of college teammates were drafted in the first round of NBA Draft 2000. They were Kenyon Martin (No. 1, New Jersey) and DerMarr Johnson (No. 6, Atlanta) of Cincinnati, Mateen Cleaves (No. 14 Detroit) and Morris Peterson (No. 21 Toronto) of Michigan State, and Mike Miller (No. 5 Orlando) and Donnell Harvey (No. 22 New York) of Florida.

Duke University became the first school to have four of its players selected in the first round of the draft when Elton Brand, Trajan Langdon, Corey Maggette and William Avery were selected in the first round of the 1999 NBA Draft.

The second round of the NBA Draft does not receive a lot of respect, but a check of the second round of NBA Draft 2000 showed that 14 of the 29 players selected stuck with teams for the entire 2000-2001 season.

A few pretty good NBA players have been selected in the second round of the draft over the years. Hall of Famers Willis Reed and Nate "Tiny" Archibald were second round picks. Other second round selections that went on to stardom include Bill Sharman, Hal Greer, Calvin Murphy, Chet Walker, Gus Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Mark Price and Jeff Hornacek.

Some successful second round picks of the 1990s (and the drafting team) included Calvin Booth of Washington (35th in 1999); Cuttino Mobley of Houston (41st in 1998); Cedric Henderson of Cleveland (45th in 1997); Shandon Anderson of Utah (54th in 1996); Michael Smith of Sacramento (35th in 1994); Nick Van Exel of the Lakers (37th in 1993); P.J. Brown of New Jersey (29th in 1992); Matt Geiger of Miami (42nd in 1992); the late Bobby Phills of Milwaukee (45th in 1991) and Antonio Davis of Indiana (45th in 1990).

In the early days, the draft used to last as long as teams desired. As late as 1973, the draft lasted an amazing 20 rounds (at least it did for the fledgling Buffalo Braves, who needed all the players they could get after winning just 21 games the season before). In 1974, the league adopted a 10-round NBA Draft, a format that stayed in place until 1985, when it was scaled back to seven rounds. After three years of seven-round drafts, the draft was shaved to three rounds in 1988 and to its current length of two rounds in 1989.

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