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An exclusive diary from the Notre Dame forward
The Warrior Within
By Troy Murphy
Troy's Trek: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

I'm back at home in New Jersey now, resting, relaxing and recovering from the chaos of the past month. Of course, nothing was as crazy as the week of the draft, especially Wednesday and Thursday. I got back to the hotel in New York at about 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, after going to Philadelphia the night before. I was supposed to pick up my suit and get all that together, but I hadn't done it yet, so I had to come back early.

Wednesday morning, we had about 10 meetings for the NBA. They talked to all the draft prospects who were there about how to behave, what to do once you get drafted, stuff like that. It prepped us for that night, which was good because up until then, I really wasn't sure how everything was going to work -- beyond what I had seen before on TV.

Then I just kind of relaxed. A couple of my friends and my girlfriend came in so we just walked around New York. We just tried to kill time before the draft. I ordered a quick room service meal before the draft, then got dressed and went over to Madison Square Garden. It was stressful. I was sitting at a table with my parents, my AAU coach, my agent and my girlfriend and all I can say is the whole thing was interesting. I learned a lot about a lot of people. I learned a lot about the business of basketball that night, that one short night.

When Commissioner Stern called my name, announcing the Warriors had picked me at No. 14, the first thing I felt was relief. It was cool. It was a different emotion than I expected. Relief, but I was happy. I was definitely happy. Then the real madness started. You get up there, you get your hat, somebody hands you a lineup of the team and says, "Here's the team roster. We need you to go on TNT right now." Then after you do that, you go do ESPN and you're wisked from place to place doing interviews with every media imaginable and they ask you the SAME questions. You just want to get out of there and go ... somewhere, anywhere. You don't get to talk to your parents, your agent or any of your friends. I wanted to get it done. I didn't get out of there until after 11:00 at night and I got picked at 9:00.

Then my whole family and I had dinner at a restaurant across the street from the Garden and after that, it was time to party. I had been working so hard and for so long, I just wanted to celebrate. I was supposedly hosting a party that my agent put together so I went to the party for a little bit and then I just hung out. After I was selected, a representative from the Warriors came up to me and told me a car was going to be picking me up at 5:00 the next morning for a 7:00 flight to Oakland, which kind of killed the whole evening. That was early!

Troy Murphy
Troy Murphy realized his NBA dream when the Warriors selected him with the 14th pick. Ray Amati/NBAE Photos
California was great. They had a press conference for Jason (Richardson, the Warriors' No. 5 pick) and I and it was out in Oakland in like a business area where there were a lot of people out at lunch. They had the cheerleaders there and everything. The Warriors gave us our jerseys with our numbers on them, which was pretty cool, seeing your name and number on an NBA jersey for the first time. It was such a whirlwind deal on Wednesday so this kind of made me realize that I had been drafted and I was on an NBA team when I saw that jersey. It was a special moment for me personally.

My mom came out there with me and was at the press conference. I had no idea that everybody came to these press conferences. And my dad didn't have anything, like packed to wear or a toothbrush or anything and by the time we got to the dinner it was midnight. There was no way he could get back by 5 a.m. for the flight. So just my mom came out there with me. We went to the press conference and went out to dinner -- actually it was a late lunch. Then I just went to bed and flew to LA the next day. I was only out there for about 24 hours.

I think I can find a great place to live in the Bay Area. Although the housing is expensive out there! I'm going to get an apartment, hopefully in this place called Alameda Island. It's close to the arena, I think between the arena and the airport, which is great because I don't feel like driving too far.

I flew back to New Jersey Saturday morning. Now I'm at home relaxing until Friday, when I go back to Oakland for training camp for three days and then we go down to LA to play in the summer league. But then after that I think I'm pretty cool for a little bit, so that's when I can really concentrate on getting my Hummer. Check back to my post-draft chat if you don't know what I'm talking about. And I'll get my apartment then too.

I'm happy the whole drafting process is over and I'm really excited to be playing in the NBA. I think Jason and I can do a lot to help the Warriors become a playoff contender. Now I have to concentrate on resting while I can because things are going to get busy again very quickly. Thanks for following along on my trek to the NBA and make sure to cheer for the Warriors this season!
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