On Wednesday, January 27 tulsa66ers.com sat down with shooting guard Moses Ehambe. Ehambe was drafted in the second round of the 2008 NBA D-League Draft by the 66ers, and subsequently played in all 50 games of his rookie season, where he averaged 10.1 points and 1.7 rebounds. Ehambe is currently ranked sixth all-time in franchise points scored. During his senior season at Oral Roberts University, Ehambe earned Summit League Tournament MVP honors after scoring 25 points in the championship game win over IUPUI.

posted by Tulsa66ers.com | January 27 @ 4:45 pm
Tulsa66ers.com: You participated in NBA Summer League with the Thunder this past July, how has that experience helped out your game this season? What did it teach you?

Moses Ehambe: First and foremost, itís crazy how I got there, you know, as a translator for Serge (Ibaka). Then they saw how hard I worked and invited me to play in summer league. Going out there was a great experience, being around NBA guys and some of the guys that they had just drafted and it really gave me a taste of where I want to be. Both the summer league and working in Oklahoma City even before training camp really elevated my game. It helped me develop other aspects of my game than living outside the three-point lineÖlike my defense and mid-range game.

What is your role on this team?

ME: My role is to be a leader, as a captain of this squad. I need to do everything, rebound, play solid defense, lead and knock down shots.

Are you a big follower of who gets called up from the NBA D-League? What are your thoughts when another guy gets a call-up?

ME: Iím a huge follower, because I want to be one of those guys. And when someone gets a call-up I think that is awesome that they received their opportunity. Every time I see a guy get a call-up I just think its great because I know, through my faith, that Iím going to get my opportunity some day.

What do you think you need to work on to get another opportunity with an NBA team?

ME:Defense, defense, defense, and more defense. I know that Iím a great defender, but I know that I need to take more pride in that. And if I can become a lock-down defender, and not just a great defender, that would separate me from other players.

Earlier this season, in the middle of a back-to-back set, you got marriedÖdescribe that couple of days.

ME:Tiring! I was so tired, but it was an amazing weekend. We had a game the day before, came back the next morning and went to shootaround, then went to my wedding, and came out that night to play another game. My family came down to the wedding and out to the game, but the most amazing thing about it is that now I have a spouse to come home to, and treat her like a queen.

Has the transition to being a professional ranks been easier since you went to college in Tulsa at ORU, or do you feel that thereís added outside pressures to do well because of that?

ME: The transition has been easy because of the fan support. You know, we could be at the airport and fans will recognize me from my ORU days, and now theyíve been to 66ers games, and theyíll come up to me and tell me ďyouíre going to get that call-up, youíre going to make it.Ē That really encourages me to give it my all on the floor, and Iím grateful that I could start my professional career here in Tulsa. Plus, my wife is here and I get to finish school this MayÖso itís really been good for me.

Off the court, how was the transition going from college to the professional lifestyle?

ME: Itís been tremendous to help out in the community. Iím a youth minister at my church, and Iím able to be the first in my family to graduate from college, Iím able to be involved in team community events and talk to kids. Building those kids up and giving them positive role models is important, since they are our next generation.

For instance, although rare for you as a shooter, that thereís a game where your shots just arenít fallingÖhow do you try to help the team and whatís your thought process?

ME: Mostly on the defensive end and rebounding. Being a good communicator and talking on the defensive end and bringing that energy. Thatís what I need to do to help us win ball games.

Who would you say you pattern your game after at the NBA level?

ME: Ray Allen, no doubt.

Do you have a pre-game ritual?

ME: I do. My dad gave me a bottle of anointing oil, and when that ran out my wife gave me a bottle. Before every game I anoint my hands, my feet, and I anoint my head to keep me from being injured. Because I know itís not just me out there performing, itís god through me and I take pride in that. And thatís the one ritual I have.

Who is your inspiration?

ME: My father, he really taught me how to be a strong man of god. He is a great father, a great friend, and someone who really encourages me to strive. He is the reason why my faith is as high as it is right now, I mean, he came from nothing and now heís a preacher. You know, the lord says that he will provide, and my father is the definition of that. Heís my hero.

Whatís on your IPOD right now?

ME: Christian rap, thatís all I listen to. I love listening to Christian rap because itís positive, encouraging music.