For the remainder of the season, the 66ers will be under the direction of a new head coach. Dale Osbourne, who has served as an assistant the past two-plus seasons for the 66ers, will assume the role as head coach after Nate Tibbetts accepted an opportunity to become an assistant with the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this week.

“It is tough to see Coach Tibbetts leave, what he did here as a coach was incredible,” Osbourne said. “But it is a great opportunity for him, and that is what the D-League is all about. The League is for players and coaches to make it to the next level in the NBA.

“We are all extremely happy for him and the call-up is certainly well-deserved. It was great working with Nate the past couple years and I learned a lot from him. I couldn’t be happier he is getting this opportunity with Cleveland.”

Osbourne explained that although the coaching staff has changed, the expectations for the team will not.

“Nate’s voice was built on the guidance from the Oklahoma City Thunder,” Osbourne said. “It is just going to be a different voice from here on out, but the foundation is going to remain the same. In Tulsa, want good character from the players, we want professionalism on and off the court.”

Osbourne emphasized that the 66ers will continue to work hard to improve every day.

“There will be no slippage in practice, no slippage in play and no slippage in work,” he said. “Coach Tibbetts’ voice carried that the last two years, and now my voice will carry that message.”

Tulsa, who led the D-League in GATORADE Call-Ups last season, will work hard again for guys to earn opportunities to play at the next level.

“Our goal here in Tulsa is to get players better,” Osbourne said. “We want each guy to be the best player he can be on and off the floor. Winning basketball games will take care of itself. Working hard every day will continue to be our focus.

“We will be in the gym early and we will stay late. We will work guys out before games and we will do a lot of film work. It is all about getting the players better between the lines and outside the lines, and we will always do so with high character and integrity.”