Larry Owens Returns to Tulsa Focused

Returning to Tulsa, how can your experiences gained in the NBA help the 66ers:
“After all of the experiences I gained throughout the past year, I wanted to come back to Tulsa and concentrate on being a leader and helping teach some of these young guys. I want to play hard. I learned a lot from the Wizards organization, and I want to bring those things to this young team in Tulsa.”

On the key to earning a call-up:
“Hard work pays off. That is something that this team says a lot. If you don’t bring it to practice every day, you aren’t going to do it in the games. If you work hard, listen to the coaching staff and be a team player, that is what scouts are looking for.”

On what he wants to bring to the floor in Tulsa:
“Right now, when I am in the game I want to bring a lot of energy. When we are having trouble on the court, I want to be able to communicate with guys. I want to encourage but also teach. We have a lot of players returning at the same time and it will take a little bit to gel. We have to make sure that we take criticism the right way and use it to our advantage.”

On his motivation to return to the next level:
“I have to work even harder than my first time I got called up. I know that teams will be aware that I have been called up. It was a great experience getting to the next level and I am working hard every day to get back.”

On bouncing back this week with three home games in four days:
“We need to be a team. We had two tough losses, but we have to remain a team. Some teams work as individuals, but we have to be a team. I know if we continue to work hard, we will get back on the winning track.”