Head Coach Nate Tibbetts Talks About Pan American Games

On being selected to be the head coach for the 2011 USA Pan American Games:
It is a great honor for Coach Oz (Dale Osbourne) and myself. When you get a chance to represent your country, there is not a better feeling or honor. Also, 66ers athletic trainer Tony Katzenmeier will join us for the games as well. We are excited to get the process started in October.

On how the process of selecting a team will work:
We will start off with around 20-25 guys in tryouts and work our way down to a team of 12 to take to Mexico. We will have training camp after tryouts and then we go straight to Mexico. It all happens very quickly so we have to find guys that want to work and gel together as a team.

On the positive exposure for the D-League players selected:
It is great exposure for guys in the D-League. These are special circumstances this year and the players on this yearís team will have an incredible opportunity to show what they can do on an international level. I know we will find guys that will show great pride in not only representing themselves, but more importantly their country as well.

I hope that it will show a lot of people how good talent in the D-League is. This is a great league with a lot of great players. It is an opportunity for Coach Osbourne and me to represent not only the Oklahoma City Thunder, but the city of Tulsa as well. We really appreciate what the city does for us every season and we hope this generates even more excitement for our upcoming season.

On when he was told he was selected to be the head coach:
I found out last May during the Oklahoma City Thunder playoffs. I didnít have to ask many questions, I was excited and ready for the challenge. It is a great honor and one that I look forward to.

On how he has been spending his free time this summer:
I have been spending some time up in South Dakota with family and friends. Believe it or not, it has been 100 degrees up here as well. But it has been in the 80ís recently so the cooler weather is nice. But once I return to Oklahoma I am excited to get started preparing for the Pan Am games.