Every week, Tulsa 66ers Head Coach Darko Rajakovic answers questions submitted by you – the fans. For a chance to have your question answered by Tulsa’s first year head coach, email your question, name and home city to

Here are three fan-submitted questions with Coach Darko’s answers in this week’s mailbag:

What kind of mentality does our team need to have to be successful on the road? – Dennis from Broken Arrow
“I think for us to succeed on the road we need to have confidence. We need to have confidence in our daily work and what we’re trying to accomplish every single day. When you play at home, you feel very comfortable. We have a good support from our fans. For our road games we need to be confident. We also need to continue to work on being a stronger defensive team and work on finishing games stronger in the last quarter. That’s something that also comes with confidence.”

What have the Tulsa players learned the most from the Thunder players who have been assigned to the 66ers? – Greg from Owasso
“I think they’ve been able to pick up on their work ethic and dedication to basketball. All of the guys that have been assigned from the Thunder have brought that to our team. They also bring a lot of talent. Our guys in Tulsa can see that when the talent matches the effort that it’s a great result. That also motivates our guys to work hard and be more focused to try and improve their game.”

What’s the biggest difference in coaching in the D-League compared to when you were in Europe? – Seth from Tulsa
“The D-League is a lot different from any other league in the world because of all the roster changes. You need to adjust your personnel from game to game. For me this is exciting because it offers new challenges and opportunities to develop our players and help me become a better coach.”