Every week, Tulsa 66ers Head Coach Darko Rajakovic answers questions submitted by you – the fans. For a chance to have your question answered by Tulsa’s first year head coach, email your question, name and home city to

Here are three fan-submitted questions with Coach Darko’s answers in this week’s mailbag:

How have the Thunder assignment players done with transitioning to the 66ers? – Stephen from Broken Arrow

“Our offensive and defensive systems in Tulsa are almost or completely the same as the Oklahoma City Thunder. That makes the transition easier because they already know all of our plays and defensive strategies. At the same time, they’re playing with different teammates. That’s something that makes the game different. For the Thunder players who have played for Tulsa this season, I think their transition has been pretty easy but also very demanding.”

After living in Europe for most of your life, what have you liked about Tulsa? - Sarah from Bixby

“Although I’ve lived in Europe my whole life, I’ve been traveling to the United States for the past 10 years and have come over here a lot of times. One thing I’ve really liked about Tulsa is the people. They’re very kind, very nice. Our fans also make our job easier. They’ve been very supportive in all of our games. I also think Tulsa has a good food culture, which is something I’ve been really enjoying.”

What have you learned the most from working with the Thunder coaches? – Adam from Oklahoma City

“Working with the Thunder coaching staff has been great a experience for me. I’m in almost daily contact with those guys. One thing I’ve really respected is their attention to detail and being very organized and precise. Everything is planned and has a purpose. That kind of mindset and philosophy has really helped me and I continue to learn a lot from them.”