TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Every other week this summer, Tulsa 66ers Head Coach Darko Rajakovic answers questions submitted by you – the fans. For a chance to have your question answered by Tulsa’s head coach, email your question, name and home city to AskCoachDarko@tulsa66ers.com.

Here are three fan-submitted questions with Coach Darko’s answers in this week’s mail bag:

What are some things that you’re working on this summer to prepare for next season? – Michelle in Broken Arrow
“Right now I’m focused on watching film from our games last season and trying to learn from our experience and find out more details. Usually you can see more things when you have had some time in between and aren’t just focused on playing the next game night in and night out. I’m trying to learn from the whole experience and take notes, analysis and summaries of our whole year to prepare for next year. I’m also trying to pick up and watch more clips of the Thunder’s games. Just being around the organization, talking to coaches and being proactive with the opportunity to be around the Thunder this summer. I’m using all of that to become a better coach and come prepared into next season.”

What are some things you’ve learned from the Thunder coaches while working with them in the offseason? – Lance in Edmond
“It was great for me to learn just how our coaching staff is thinking. There’s a lot of tossing around ideas and asking, ‘What can be done differently?’ I learned how important it is to have good time management and what players can pick up in a short amount of time. I also learned from how they ran their video sessions and how constructive those can be, presenting video to players and how they analyze things. That was definitely a great thing to learn.”

Are you going to have time this summer to visit your family back in Europe? – Katie in Haskell
“I’ll go home for a little bit of time for vacation in August. I’ll go back and visit my family in Serbia. I look forward to that and then coming back and continuing to prepare for next season.”