66ers Dance Team Committed to Community

The Tulsa 66ers organization prides itself on creating partnerships and programs that have significant impacts on the Tulsa community. What fans may not know is that players aren’t the only ones out in the community each month making a difference.

Each season, Tulsa 66ers dance team members take part in community and D-League initiatives. This season, the squad was involved in numerous events including the OBI Blood Drive, fit clinics and reading timeouts at local elementary schools, as well as the Red Ribbon Run and the Tulsa Marathon.

Amanda Snider, 66ers dance team coordinator, explained the importance of the 66ers dance team taking part in community events.

“We not only find great satisfaction in supporting the 66ers, but the whole city of Tulsa as well,” Snider said. “Our team loves to get out in the community and meet numerous Tulsa citizens at various events. Every event is a new experience and new relationships are formed, whether it is at a blood drive for OBI or a fit clinic at an elementary school.”

This year, members of the dance team participated in a ‘Fit & Fun’ Assembly at Eliot Elementary School in Tulsa. Tulsa dancers taught numerous dances and exercises to more than 300 energetic students, while also educating them on the importance of staying physically active and eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

“Our girls love to interact with the children and teach the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle,” Snider said. “It is so important that kids remain active and we love being a voice for that message.”

Chelsea, now in her second season on the 66ers dance team, understands how vital it is for the dance team to be active in the community.

“As ambassadors of the 66ers, it is important that the dance team reaches out to the citizens of Tulsa as much as possible,” she said. “We strive to bring enthusiasm to the community and we absolutely love what we do, on the court and off.”

Dance team members have also taken part in reading timeouts at local schools, where they spend an afternoon reading and speaking to children about the importance of literacy and education.

Marquella, a rookie on the squad, spoke about the reading initiative.

“We always have a great time reading and spending time with the children,” Marquella said. “I think that it’s really important for the 66ers organization to be a part of the community by participating in activities like the reading timeouts. Being able to bring smiles to all the children’s faces always makes my day.”

Snider said the 66ers dance team will continue to spread important messages across the city of Tulsa.

“We look forward to continuing that effort throughout the remainder of the year,” Snider said. “Like the 66ers team, we take pride in making an impact off the court.”