Buycks and Lewis Have Drive to Improve

Guard Dwight Buycks and forward Marcus Lewis of the 66ers both returned to Tulsa last week after stints in NBA training camps earlier this month. Buycks was invited by the Phoenix Suns and Lewis by the Milwaukee Bucks.

The two players returned to Tulsa having valued every minute of training camps at the next level.

“We competed every single day,” Buycks said. “I wanted to really focus and learn from Steve Nash and how he played the point guard position. I loved how the whole team came to work every day in practice and how they were all great teammates.”

Bucyks said he wanted to “bust his tail” every day to make an impression and focused on playing great defense in camp.

Lewis also viewed the training camp as time well spent. He also cited how the past two years in Tulsa prepared him to be successful playing at the next level.

“I was able to work with a great organization in the Milwaukee Bucks and I learned a lot from their players,” Lewis said. “The biggest thing about being in Tulsa for two years, the 66ers really taught me how to be a professional—on and off the court. Coming into practice early and staying late. Coaches here in Tulsa have always stressed to me that I should never stop learning.”

The two players have rejoined their 66ers teammates, who have won two consecutive games and boast a 7-4 record. And both are excited to get back on the court to continue improving.

“I have seen what it takes at the next level,” Buycks said. “I missed everyone here in Tulsa and we have been getting better every single day together. I want to stay hungry and I hope I will have many more opportunities in the future. Just have to keep working hard.”

Lewis echoed the guard’s remarks.

“It is great to come back,” he said. “I love it here in Tulsa. I am hungry because I have had a taste. I have to continue to work on my game and the rest will take care of itself.”

As for the 66ers team, Lewis said he is excited about the potential of the squad. He noted how there is a nice combination of young and veteran players that can both learn from and help each other accomplish goals.

“We have a great team,” Lewis said. “The biggest thing about this roster is we have a lot of young guys that want to learn. We have some veterans around here that they can lean on and learn from. They see that if they work hard, they can get to where they want to go.”