Welcome to the homepage of Routie the Roadrunner, the official mascot of the Tulsa 66ers!


Full Name: Routie The Roadrunner

Team: Tulsa 66ers, the proud affiliate of the Oklahoma City Thunder

Height: 5'9" (unless we are including my mohawk feathers)

Weight: Light as a feather

Birthplace: The original Route 66 Bridge in downtown Tulsa.

Hobbies: Running, Dancing, Dunking, Back Flips, Flirting with the Tulsa 66ers Dance Team, Handstands, Cartwheels.

Favorite Music: Anything I can shake my tail feathers to!

Favorite Food: The Routie Mix... A perfect combination of birdseed and arena popcorn!

Favorite Color: 66ers Blue!

Best Friend: Rumble the Bison, the official mascot of the Oklahoma City Thunder. You can see us playing together in the photo to the right!

CLICK HERE to view action photos of Routie from the 2010-11 66ers season!

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