66ers Visit Kipp Preparatory School in Tulsa

Tulsa 66ers players Xavier Alexander and Larry Owens recently visited Kipp Preparatory School in Tulsa to speak to the students about the value of education and literacy.

The players also spoke to approximately 80 students about setting and achieving goals and listening to family and teachers in order to be successful.

Abigail Shaw, Marketing and Communications Director for Kipp College Preparatory, said the students were thrilled with the 66ers visit.

"Our KIPPsters were a bit starstruck by Xavier and Larry's visit,” she said. “Everyone at KIPP Tulsa is so grateful they came to talk with our students, and we really appreciate the positive message they shared. Both of them repeatedly stressed the importance of education—something we strive every day to impress upon our students. Coming from Larry and Xavier, that message with stick with them. Our KIPPsters really look up to those guys now."

CLICK HERE to view photos of the visit.