66ers Commitment to Community | Bingo with Retired Veterans

Tulsa 66ers players and dance team members were back in the community on Wednesday afternoon. Partnering with the Tulsa Transport Workers Union Local 514, Jerome Dyson and Ink Ojougboh and members of the 66ers dance team took a timeout to play BINGO with retired veterans.

TWU executive board member Tony Bunch, who also serves on the veterans committee, was on hand for the community visit.

“I was really happy with today’s event,” Bunch said. “I thought the 66ers were great—the players and the dance team. They were into it and made it very enjoyable for everyone.”

He explained the need to remember our veterans.

“It is always important to show veterans our appreciation,” he said. “Some of these guys are retired and some are still active. We can never show them enough appreciation and support.”

CLICK HERE to view photos of the event.