66ers Assist 'Up With Trees'

TULSA, Okla., March 23, 2013 - Kicking off NBA Green Week, the Tulsa 66ers visited the Up With Trees headquarters on Friday to prepare tree seedlings for the planting process.

The entire team trimmed, wrapped and watered seedlings of various types of trees. The seedlings will be distributed by Up With Trees to be planted all across Green Country.

Up With Trees will plant and distribute over 10,000 tree seedlings across the Tulsa community within the next few months.

“It’s great when Tulsans can come in and help us out,” said program director April Hastings. “There is a lot of work that goes into preparing these seedlings, but our volunteers definitely reap the benefits of their work by seeing their trees planted and growing over the years.”

Up With Trees is a privately-funded non-profit organization that relies heavily on volunteer work. The organization is dedicated to planting, preserving and promoting Tulsa’s urban forest.

The Tulsa 66ers participate in a variety of volunteer events throughout the season to support and show appreciation to the Tulsa community.