Getting to Know Booker Woodfox

Booker Woodfox (Photo Credit: Chris Covatta/NBAE/Getty Images)

In round six of the 2010 NBA Development League Draft, the Texas Legends (well, actually New York Life Executive David Wilcox’s son) selected Booker Woodfox, a 6’1” guard from Lewsiville, Texas. Woodfox spent his college career at Creighton University after spending two years at San Jacinto Junior College. The 24-year-old showcased his talents by winning the 2011 NBA D-League Showcase Three-Point Contest in South Padre Island, Texas, and later defended his title at the NBA All-Star game in the D-League Three-Point contest. Get to know Booker better, what his favorite food is, and why the Detroit Tigers are his favorite baseball team.

What was the most memorable thing about playing with the Legends during their inaugural season?

When we went to Austin to play the Toros to fight for a playoff position and we needed to win. We wanted to make the playoffs our first year as a team and it was an unbelievable game. A lot of people watched it and I still hear people talking about that game. To come back in the final minute put a great exclamation point on the season. I’m really looking forward to next season and seeing the fans again.

What have you been doing this summer?

I’ve been working out consistently. I twisted my ankle so right now I am doing rehab for it but I should be ready to practice with the Legends in a week or so. I have done a few events with Travis (Legends Director of Player Personnel Travis Blakeley) and have gotten the chance to hang out with some of the players and get ready for next season. Doing a few clinics with the Legends as well… I am looking forward to the clinic at PSA this coming Sunday. I always enjoy working with the youth in the area.

How did it feel to win the Three-Point Contest?

It felt pretty good. It was a lot of fun and some NBA guys came out to watch me win and it was just an amazing feeling. I’m looking forward to defending my title this year. It’s crazy how the League Office didn’t even want to put me in the contest – the Legends staff just kept telling them that if they put me in it – I was going to win it. Glad I was able to come through.

What areas of the game do you want to improve on?

Defense because I want to get more steals and if I improve in that area they can keep me in the game longer. I want to work on point guard because I want to set my teammates up. Those two are my main concerns.

What do you like to spend your free time doing?

I usually hang out with friends. I go out here and there but I’m a homebody and like to spend my time at home. I go out to eat a lot. My favorite food is sushi.

What are your personal goals for the future?

I want to be successful and make basketball my living. I would love to get a call up but if that doesn’t happen, I want to keep playing basketball as long as I can because it’s my dream.

What is the biggest difference between the competition in the Missouri Valley Conference and the NBA D-League?

Not even close. They’re both totally different and the physicality of the two leagues is different. There’s no comparison. The Missouri Valley Conference is a great league in college basketball – it’s really underrated. But it is a real step up when you start to play professionally.

What is your favorite sport besides basketball and what is your favorite team?

Definitely baseball. I went to a few College World Series games when I was in college because Creighton is in Omaha, Neb., but I haven’t been to one since. My favorite team is the Detroit Tigers because my best friend plays for them.

How did it feel when you were drafted by the Legends?

It felt good and it made my year. Being drafted this year gave me another opportunity to show I can play the game and be successful. It was like a second chance – and to be able to play in the same area that I grew up in was truly a blessing.

What do you enjoy about working with Donnie, Del, Spud and Nancy?

They’re all big names and famous and they know a lot about basketball. Being around them will help you be successful because they have been around and know so many people. Working with them is an honor.