Did I enjoy myself? That’s an understatement. How about one of the best times in the last 4 months. After 26 years of marriage my wife passed away October 20, 2009, joining the D-league as a season ticket holder was an initial attempt for me to start a new in terms of positive recreational activities. Little did I know that this would become a real family environment. To make the pie even sweeter I had the privilege taking advantage of the gold passed offer game between the Maverick and Lakers. Talk about feeling important, when I saw the seats I was incredulous; off the chain…!!!!!. I am very proud of being a part of this organization and I am telling all my friends.

        - Another Satisfied Customer

I purchased season tickets for the D-League primarily because of its close proximity to my home and because I have young boys with an interest in basketball. I wanted to teach them about the game and have them watch the players that are really trying hard to make it to their next level and I anticipate there being great effort on the part of these players, which should make for exciting basketball.

I recently attended my first “Gold Pass” event, and the staff showed us a fantastic time and I really like the personalized service and attention that comes with this deal. I value this type of service very highly and the fact that it is all “value add” is a tremendous plus in doing business with a quality organization such as this one. Now, I’m REALLY looking forward to this season.

        - Another Satisfied Customer

In November of 2009 we joined the D-League Frisco and thought, well this will be fun. We were wrong. Our experience has been nothing sort of a thrill ride at your favorite park. The class of people involved with the D-League is outstanding. They are friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about the sport, the program and are quick to respond to any question you may have. There are social watching parties where you hang out with Donnie and his team and meet the other season ticket holders. We have had the pleasure to meet many wonderful people at these functions and have always had a great time.

We had a blast at the “Maverick Experience”. The highlight of the day was to have Nancy Lieberman give a one-on-one shooting lesson – wow!!

There are so many pluses to joining they are too many to list. We have had so much fun since November and the best part? The games haven’t even started yet! Join now and share in the excitement of the D-League of Frisco. We did and will for every year to come.

        - Another Satisfied Customer

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