Getting to Know Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts (Photo Credit: NBAE/Getty Images)

Chris Roberts, the 23-year-old native of DFW, played for the Texas Legends during their inaugural season. He graduated from Fort Worth Dunbar High School in 2006, helping lead the basketball team to the 4A State Championship during his senior year. Roberts played basketball for two years at Bradley University after playing for two years at Navarro College. He was selected in the fourth round of the 2010 NBA D-League draft by the Idaho Stampede, and was claimed by the Legends from the player pool in March. Get to know Chris better, what he is looking forward to about next season, and his summer plans.

What was one of the best things about playing for Texas during their inaugural season?

Being a hometown guy and being able to play in front of family and friends. Being home was definitely one of the best things.

What have you been doing during the offseason to prepare for next year? I have been working out every day Ė both on the court and in the weight room. Iíve been getting stronger, a worked on a lot of shooting and ball handling. Iím just trying to improve on everything. I love basketball and really enjoy the process of getting better.

What are you looking forward to next season?

A better season for me individually, and an even better season for the Legends as a whole. Definitely want to make it past the first round of playoffs. Iím also looking forward to seeing the fans again, meeting new fans, and more excitement. Overall, Iím excited the whole organization improving in everything.

What was it like making it to playoffs during the teamís first year?

Very good, being a new team it was very exciting. Now that we have been there weíre looking forward to making it past the first round.

What number do you wear and why?

Right now I wear 24. In college I wore 23 because the expectations are high because of Michael Jordan, but I changed it moving to the D-League because it is one number better than 23. I just wanted to demonstrate that I was moving on to my professional career, so changed the number a bit.

Did you have any nicknames growing up?

In college it was C Rob.

What are you hoping to accomplish in the future? First and foremost, Iím looking forward to getting better. In that process, making the NBA is my basketball goal.

Who is your favorite player and why?

I have four favorite players. Kobe Bryant because of his 1-on-1 and IQ of the game. LeBron James is another, because of his toughness and fast break. Carmelo Anthony is the third, because of his midrange game, footwork, size and position. And finally, Michael Jordan because heís the guy who started everything and was an all-around player.

If you werenít playing basketball what would you want to be doing?

I would be a firefighter or a policeman. I thought about it during college and I majored in criminal justice. I loved how the Legends honor those Ďeverydayí heroes at our games Ė it means a lot to me.

What is it like working with Donnie, Del, and Spud? Do you have much interaction with them?

It is awesome. Before I was on the team I watched Spudís dunk contest. I had heard so much about them in high school and college and I couldnít wish for anything different. Those guys have so much basketball experience and so much to pass on to us players.