NBA D-League Frisco FAQ

1. What is the NBA Development League?

The NBA Development League, founded in 2001, is the NBA’s official minor league.

Eighty-four former NBA D-League players were on 2008-09 NBA end-of-season rosters, and the league continues to develop current NBA coaches and referees. In fostering the league’s connection to the community, its teams, players and staff promote youth basketball, support local needs and interests, and assist in educational development through NBA D-League Cares programs. The NBA D-League also advances the game of basketball as the research and development arm of the NBA. Throughout this season fans can watch all NBA D-League games on NBA Futurecast, the free live Web-streaming initiative found at

2. Where are the other NBA D-League teams located?

Albuquerque, NM (
Austin, TX (
Bakersfield, CA (
Bismarck, ND (
Erie, PA (
Fort Wayne, IN (
Boise, ID (
Des Moines, IA (
Los Angeles, CA (
Portland, ME (
Hidalgo, TX (
Reno, NV (
Sioux Falls, SD (
Springfield, MA (
Tulsa, OK (
Orem, UT (

3. How are NBA D-League teams affiliated with NBA Teams?

The 2009-10 NBA D-League season marks the fourth year that the league has utilized the NBA Affiliation system. Each team in the NBA D-League has one to three NBA affiliates who are permitted to assign players in their first or second seasons to the NBA D-League. Players can be assigned up to the three times a season for any length of time.

4. What is the length of the NBA D-League season?

The NBA D-League regular season is made up of 50 games. The 2009-10 season will tip off on in November and will conclude in April. The NBA D-League Playoffs begin directly after the conclusion of the regular season.

For schedule information, please visit

5. What prominent NBA players came from the NBA D-League?

NBA players that came from the NBA D-League include veteran contributors such as:

Rafer Alston
Matt Barnes
Matt Carroll
Mikki Moore
Bobby Simmons
Kelenna Azubuike
Jordan Farmar
Amir Johnson
Jamario Moon
Ramon Sessions

To see how former NBA D-League players are succeeding in the NBA, visit

6. What is the name of the NBA D-League Frisco team?

To submit suggestions for the team name, click here!

7. Where will the NBA D-League Frisco team play?

The Dr Pepper Arena
2601 Avenue of the Stars
Frisco, Texas 75034

8. How can I purchase tickets?

The team is currently working on specific ticket pricing and timing. You can however, get in priority order for the best seats by placing a $100 deposit per seat by clicking here. You call also call 214-469-0822.

9. If I am a sponsor interested in a partnership with the NBA D-League Frisco team, who do I contact?

Please call 214-469-0822.

10. How can I work for the NBA D-League Frisco team?

You can send your resume to Please put in the subject line "NBA D-League Frisco Job".

11. When will the NBA D-League Frisco team begin play?

The inaugural season for the NBA-D-League Frisco team will be the 2010 – 2011 season.

12. Who are the players on the NBA D-League Frisco team and where will they come from?

Each NBA D-League team acquires players through a draft, player assignments, allocations, tryouts and a returning player pool. What separates players in the NBA D-League from other minor league systems is that players do not sign contracts with specific NBA D-League teams. Instead, all players sign a one-year NBA D-League Standard Player Contract with the league itself. All players are relieved of their contractual obligations if they sign a contract with an NBA team at any point in the season. Below please find descriptions of the various techniques that NBA D-League teams employ to fill their rosters:

Draft: Players who sign a contract with the NBA D-League are eligible for the NBA D-League draft, which takes place prior to the start of each season.

NBA Assignments: NBA teams can assign players who are rookies or in their second season to their D-League affiliate. Players can stay with the D-League team for as long as the team wishes, and be recalled back to the NBA at any time. However, a player can only be sent to the D-League a maximum of three times during the season.

There were 84 NBA D-League players with NBA experience on 2008-09 end-of-season NBA rosters.

Allocations: Teams can also be awarded allocation players. These are typically players with significant local or player appeal to that market. For example, Jeff Horner was allocated to the Iowa Energy in 2007 after playing for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.

Tryouts: All NBA D-League teams conduct local tryouts in September and October of each year, from which players can be invited to training camp with a chance of making the team's roster.

Returning Players: Teams can invite a limited number of players back who played for that respective club during the previous season.

NBA D-League rosters must consist of 10 NBA D-League players, but may not exceed a total of 12 players, including NBA assignments. If more than two NBA players are assigned at once a team must reduce its roster to avoid going over 12 players.

13. How can I contact the NBA D-League Frisco team?

Please call 214-469-0822.