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Amidst Unsure Professional Future, Lyons Stays #Positive

By: Anthony Oliva

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -You cannot sum up the mental make-up of Leo Lyons in 140 characters. At a crossroad in his basketball career -- frustrated by not getting an NBA Call-Up but also seemingly very close to getting one now after performing well with the NBA D-League Select Team -- Lyons has changed his whole mindset. He's no longer consumed by the negative that surrounds all players trying to make their way to the NBA the hard way; he's only focusing on the positive. And he has turned to Twitter to reveal some of his most personal thoughts during this important juncture in his life.

Below are a sample of Lyons' tweets over the past week. Below each tweet is a longer explanation, in Lyons' own words, of how each tweet is applicable to his life.

ďBasketball can stress you out. When you start focusing on who got called up and who go signed and youíre mad because you didnít do this or do that, you just need to focus on what youíre doing and just trying to bring your best every time and itís a good feeling."

"I feel like Iím starting to open eyes to what I can do in a positive light. Just feel good about yourself. I feel, at the worst, I can have a great Europe deal on the table."

"The bad times is not knowing. You're a good player and you donít know where youíre going. You have no type of confidence in what might happen. Stressing out over it."

"Thatís part of the negative versus positive thing. Where you just know whatever situation youíre going to go in to, you have to be positive about it and not let any negativity creep in. Thatís when practice becomes easy when youíre sore and games come easy and all the extra stuff just becomes easy."

"Lately IĎve been looking up to (NBA Director of Player Programs) Kevin Carr a lot. Heís been talking to me a lot. Any time there is a D-League meeting or an NBA meeting, heís there and heís introduced me to a lot of people. It started at All-Star and he taught me how to network a little bit better and since then every city I go in I feel like I know somebody. I feel like I can go somewhere and hang out with somebody and do some positive things."

"That came fromÖIím a deep thinker. Sometimes I just take an hour out of my day just to think about certain things. If you ask everyone in this room why they want to be in the NBA, they probably all have a different reason. Some people might say I want a car, I want to get a nice house, I want to be wealthy. Some people might say, well, my dad would be proud of me, just different things like that. Just whatever your dream is, the reason why youíre chasing it, just make sure itís a positive one. You might want to affect your community or things like that."

"I just started that. I think it was my mom that got me doing that. Sometimes she just sits there, she brings out a notebook and a pen and she just writes all her thoughts out and a week from now you look at them like, 'OK'. Go back and look at what you wanted to do. It helps you a lot through life and itís something as simple as carrying a notepad in your back pack."

"I always write out goals and my number one goal is just to play hard, to show everyone I can play hard. Always keep my motor high and I feel that will take care of everything else."

Above is what Lyons tweeted prior to coming to Las Vegas to play for the NBA D-League Select Team. Through the first part of the week, Lyons has to feel like he has delivered. And, while his play should be starting to open some eyes of NBA scouts, it took him opening his own eyes to positive thinking to be able to traverse this whole process -- fighting for an NBA Call-Up in both the NBA D-League and in Summer League -- with such ease.