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Andre Emmett ● 6 feet, 5 inches ● 225 pounds ● Forward
A little over two weeks before J.R. Smith returned to America to begin his early-spring fling with the New York Knicks, he scored 60 points in a Chinese Basketball Association game, hitting 14 three-pointers on Feb. 1 en route to the third-highest scoring output in league history.

He was still 11 points shy of what Andre Emmett did in 2010.

Emmett, the leading scorer in the history of Texas Tech – where he played for four years under Bob Knight from 2000-04, amassing 2,225 points – hasn’t had a lot of success staying in the NBA after going to the then-Seattle Supersonics in the second round of the 2004 Draft. But he’s ripped apart pretty much every other league on the planet, including a 71-point night in the CBA in March of 2010 that broke (and remains) the league scoring record.

Then, after coming back to the NBA D-League for his fourth season in 2011-12, he became the more potent half of the league’s premier scoring tandem, along with Blake Ahearn.

Emmett signed a 10-day contract with the New Jersey Nets in the days leading up to All-Star weekend in 2012, and managed a little over two points with a rebound a game in six appearances (at 7.7 mpg) for Jersey. But, not wanting to waste four days of another 10-day with teams on break, the Nets waited until after All-Star to re-sign any NBA D-League players. And it looked like Emmett would be the one going back until Gerald Green came in like a whirling, dunking cyclone – with a long-range game – and essentially took his spot in Jersey.

Emmett spent the rest of the season in Reno, and went back to playing like a big fish in the Biggest Little City in the World. He wrapped up the year – his finest-ever season in the NBA D-League – with 23.1 points, 5.5 boards and 3.2 assists a game and a 52.1-percent clip from the field, all career-highs.

His Ceiling

Emmett could easily turn into a 12-15 points per night player for a team out of the Playoff hunt that’s open to letting him operate freely on the offensive end, but if he ends up on a team in contention, he’s more of a deep-rotation player along the lines of a Daequan Cook.

What He Needs from Summer League

At this point, most of the globe has a pretty good idea of what Emmett can do on the offensive end. Now he needs to show that not only can he stop a young cast of future NBA stars, but, at nearly 30 years old, that he can run with them for a full game, too.

More on Emmett

NBA Experience

14 Games (8 in 2004-05 with MEM; 6 in 2011-12 with NJN)

NBA D-League Experience

4 years (AUS in 2005-06; LAD in 2006-07; RNO 2000-12)

International Experience

China, Lebanon, Lithuania, Belgium, France


Texas Tech

NBA Equivalent

Klay Thompson


Getting to the basket, finishing inside, rebounding (for a guard)

Areas of Improvement

Defense, jump-shooting