In his first season with the Sioux Falls Skyforce, South Dakota native Jared Reiner will be sharing his thoughts throughout the 2006-07 NBA D-League season. A former member of the Chicago Bulls and Phoenix Suns, Jared is a 6-11 center who attended the University of Iowa. Check back to often for updates to Jared's blog. | Official Player file

Not So Super Sunday
Posted by Jared Reiner on February 6, 8:48 p.m. ET

“I can’t wait for the commercials. It’s almost like you have to go to the bathroom during the game so you don’t miss the commercials!” Talk about hilarious. That is what my fiancée said when I asked her who was going to win the Super Bowl. I am quick and proud to point out that she does in fact have football knowledge despite being a Vikings fan. However her football credibility may now be lost forever. That comment at least made me laugh long enough to forget that we have lost four in a row…for a couple minutes anyway.

We are still two games over 500 and are only three games behind the Eastern Division leading Fort Worth Flyers but losing like this flat out sucks. Hopefully the editors of the D-League website won’t edit out that word since it is the only word that will explain the way we are playing. Most frustrating is the fact that I have had four straight double doubles during the streak and can’t enjoy it. I can liken my 23 rebound performance in Tulsa to when Will Ferrell blacked out in the academic decathlon in the movie Old School. My fellow Big Ten teammate Frank Williams also put up 37 points in one of the games during this streak. I can bet that Frank will agree with me in saying that it just doesn’t feel right when your team loses, even if you play well.

Our schedule over the last couple weeks hasn’t helped matters much either. We have played back to back games the last three weekends and have had no weekday games. That is tough not being able to redeem a loss until a week later. Now we have four to avenge.

Actually, having a week of practice would be a good thing if we had enough guys to practice. We haven’t been that lucky since some of our guys have been injured. Since the league only lets teams carry ten guys, if someone gets hurt, our assistant Coach Nate Tibbetts gets to lace em up. If two guys are hurt then we do condition drills which are really fun for a seven foot white guy I tell you what.

So knock on wood for us so that we can keep ten healthy guys this week to string together some good practices in order to get us back into the groove. I hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl the right way and hopefully we will give Skyforce fans something to cheer about this weekend. Oh and by the way, I can’t tell you which commercial was the best since I am old fashioned and actually watched the game and used the commercials for their intended purpose: food and bathroom breaks.

Answering An Age-Old Question
Posted by Jared Reiner on January 12, 3:22 p.m. ET

In thinking about what I would possibly say in the latest installment of the epic tales of just one man playing in the D-League, a question kept popping into my head. It was the age old inquiry of whether a tree is heard if it falls in the forest and no one else is around. Similarly, if a seven-foot white guy writes his mind-numbing thoughts and scrambles them into the form of sentence fragments and grammatical errors will anyone read it?

Well, here goes nothing...

Our team is now 10-8 and doing well despite making some additions and a couple subtractions. Sometimes it feels like I have to learn a new teammate’s name every couple of days. At least one of the subtractions came from a teammate having his dreams come true by receiving a GATORADE* call up. Another came from a freak injury during warm-ups that caused my roommate to dislocate his finger. It was severe enough to require surgery and a couple pins. Per league policy, if a player is hurt for an extended period of time, he has to be released to rehab his injury. My assumption is that the league does this so that each roster spot is filled by someone who will be able to perform nightly, or in some cases, at least try.

This week we have games back to back against Arkansas on Friday and Idaho on Saturday with a glorious 5:00 am flight in between. My supreme optimism tells me that at least our departure isn’t at 3:45 am and thank goodness we only have one connection to make.

Then on Monday we start the D-League showcase. Each team in the league will be here in Sioux Falls and will play two games. This showcase might be the best thing since the invention of the television for a player who wants every NBA team to see and analyze his every move.

In conclusion, I would like to apologize for any grammatical errors that may have been discernible in the first installment of my blog. These errors were brought to my attention by my lovely fiancé and my caring mother. I suppose I am old enough to be marrying my college sweetheart, but still have a mother who calls to correct my incorrigible spelling and word usage. So I guess I got that going for me, which is nice.

So I think I just found an answer to my opening. If a tree falls in the forest, my mother and fiancé might be the only people that hear it. Nothing seems to get by them...

*Any representative of the Gatorade Company may contact the Sioux Falls Sky Force team office to affirm the address to which my endorsement check can be sent.

Bittersweet Return To God's Country
Posted by Jared Reiner on December 28, 2:53 p.m. ET

For those of you who are wondering who I am, well here is what I've got. There are no official Jared Reiner fan clubs, or internet websites or chat-rooms that my name frequents. At least not yet or to my knowledge, which is why that is one of the contributing reasons why I am in the D-League. I am much obliged to the NBA website for letting me fill up some space that probably could have been sold for high dollars in the form of a pop up.

In 2004, I graduated from the University Iowa and went un-drafted. I went to camp with the Bulls and then all my childhood dreams came true. After spending my whole rookie season in Chicago I somehow even managed a few minutes in the playoffs.

My sophomore professional season I spent with the Suns before loosing my season to a freakish chip on my knee cap that required two surgeries. I initially was injured like the second week of the season so my Suns tenure basically ended before it began. That was really hard for me since I never actually got to prove my self at all in the valley of the sun because I was in the training room getting treatment.

This year I went to training camp with the Spurs and was released before the season. I was allocated to the Skyforce since I am originally from South Dakota. I haven't been back in South Dakota for an extended period of time since high school so being able to work on my game and continue pursuing my dream back in God's Country is a blessing. It feels good to be able to play and not have to sit and watch with an ice pack.

This league is a great opportunity to display your skills while staying stateside. I would highly doubt that any other league in the world is more scouted so if your dreams are to make an NBA roster, then this in the spot.

Obviously the budgets aren't crazy in the D-League but it really is a good situation. This is the first time in my career I have had to travel commercially but even NBA teams in the 80's had to travel commercially so I think we can handle it. However, the incidences of little old ladies telling me that I am tall and that I would be a waste if I didn't play basketball aren't as encouraging. Surprisingly, I am narcissistic enough to think that if I wasn't playing basketball, I could be a contributing member to society with a finance degree.

Walking around with teammates in airports apparently draws more attention than suspected terrorists. I have conceded to the fact that I am tall but apparently I need to be reminded. It is humorous that a large majority of society ignores their inner monologue and tells me that I am tall. Then they proceed to talk about us, meaning all the cool tall people in the world, like we aren't even standing there. I guess it is comparable to a passing motorist asking someone who is changing their flat tire if they had a flat. Me being tall also seems to open the door for people to tell me about every tall person that they know or have seen in there life. Looking in the mirror in an airport bathroom might be my only chance to see if there actually is a sign on my back that says I need to hear your opinion of my stature.

I have even received unsolicited career advice from an unemployed salesman in an airport in Texas. His services were even offered for a cheaper fee than my agent's four percent. I believe that if I called my agent and tried to bargain with that as collateral, I might hear a dial tone of the other end. So despite his valiant effort to get into the profession of sports agents at my career's expense, I modestly declined, kept my inner monologue to myself like the definition entails and boarded the dawn flight back to God's Country.