Skyforce to Pick Second in 2006 NBA D-League Draft

Sioux Falls, S.D. (October 4, 2006) – The Sioux Falls Skyforce received the second pick in the 2006 NBA Development League Draft through a lottery conducted at the annual coaches meeting Tuesday. The Draft is scheduled for November 2 at 9 p.m. ET.

“We are extremely happy about picking second in the upcoming draft,” said Skyforce Head Coach Mo McHone. “With such a high pick we should be able to get a player with NBA experience that will thrive in the D-League.”

The Anaheim Arsenal will have the first overall pick in a serpentine selection process, followed by the Sioux Falls Skyforce, Colorado 14ers, Fort Worth Flyers, Dakota Wizards, Arkansas RimRockers, Los Angeles D-Fenders, Tulsa 66ers, Idaho Stampede, Austin Toros, Bakersfield Jam and Albuquerque Thunderbirds.

Since the draft is serpentine, or “snaked”, the order will be reversed in each of the 10 rounds. For example, after picking first, Anaheim’s next selections will be the 24th and 25th overall. Albuquerque will select last in the first round, but first in the second round, giving the T-Birds the 12th and 13th overall picks.

To be eligible for the 2006 Draft, a player must have signed a standard D-League player contract. Previous top picks currently in NBA vet camps include Chicago Bulls guard Andre Barrett (2005) and New Jersey Nets forward Mikki Moore (2002).

Training camp rosters will consist of the 10 players selected in the Draft, up to four returning players, two allocation players of regional significance and a player invited from each team’s open tryout. The four returning players for Anaheim, Bakersfield, Colorado and Los Angeles, all expansion teams, will be signed from the 10 players each selected in the Expansion Draft on September 19.

The 2006-07 D-League season begins November 24 with five games. A 50-game schedule is highlighted by the Showcase on January 15-17 in Sioux Falls, S.D. and the inaugural NBA D-League All-Star Game February 17 in Las Vegas.

The Sioux Falls Skyforce season opener is on Friday, November 24 against the Dakota Wizards at the Sioux Falls Arena. For information on season and single game tickets please call a Skyforce representative at (605) 332-0605.

2006 NBA Development League Draft

Round One
1Anaheim Arsenal
2Sioux Falls Skyforce
3Colorado 14ers
4Fort Worth Flyers
5Dakota Wizards
6Arkansas RimRockers
7Los Angeles D-Fenders
8Tulsa 66ers
9Idaho Stampede
10Austin Toros
11Bakersfield Jam
12Albuquerque Thunderbirds
Round Two
13Albuquerque Thunderbirds
14Bakersfield Jam
15Austin Toros
16Idaho Stampede
17Tulsa 66ers
18Los Angeles D-Fenders
19Arkansas RimRockers
20Dakota Wizards
21Fort Worth Flyers
22Colorado 14ers
23Sioux Falls Skyforce
24Anaheim Arsenal
Round Three
25Anaheim Arsenal
26Sioux Falls Skyforce
27Colorado 14ers
28Fort Worth Flyers
29Dakota Wizards
30Arkansas RimRockers
31Los Angeles D-Fenders
32Tulsa 66ers
33Idaho Stampede
34Austin Toros
35Bakersfield Jam
36Albuquerque Thunderbirds
Round Four
37Albuquerque Thunderbirds
38Bakersfield Jam
39Austin Toros
40Idaho Stampede
41Tulsa 66ers
42Los Angeles D-Fenders
43Arkansas RimRockers
44Dakota Wizards
45Fort Worth Flyers
46Colorado 14ers
47Sioux Falls Skyforce
48Anaheim Arsenal
Round Five
49Anaheim Arsenal
50Sioux Falls Skyforce
51Colorado 14ers
52Fort Worth Flyers
53Dakota Wizards
54Arkansas RimRockers
55Los Angeles D-Fenders
56Tulsa 66ers
57Idaho Stampede
58Austin Toros
59Bakersfield Jam
60Albuquerque Thunderbirds
Round Six
61Albuquerque Thunderbirds
62Bakersfield Jam
63Austin Toros
64Idaho Stampede
65Tulsa 66ers
66Los Angeles D-Fenders
67Arkansas RimRockers
68Dakota Wizards
69Fort Worth Flyers
70Colorado 14ers
71Sioux Falls Skyforce
72Anaheim Arsenal
Round Seven
73Anaheim Arsenal
74Sioux Falls Skyforce
75Colorado 14ers
76Fort Worth Flyers
77Dakota Wizards
78Arkansas RimRockers
79Los Angeles D-Fenders
80Tulsa 66ers
81Idaho Stampede
82Austin Toros
83Bakersfield Jam
84Albuquerque Thunderbirds
Round Eight
85Albuquerque Thunderbirds
86Bakersfield Jam
87Austin Toros
88Idaho Stampede
89Tulsa 66ers
90Los Angeles D-Fenders
91Arkansas RimRockers
92Dakota Wizards
93Fort Worth Flyers
94Colorado 14ers
95Sioux Falls Skyforce
96Anaheim Arsenal
Round Nine
97Anaheim Arsenal
98Sioux Falls Skyforce
99Colorado 14ers
100Fort Worth Flyers
101Dakota Wizards
102Arkansas RimRockers
103Los Angeles D-Fenders
104Tulsa 66ers
105Idaho Stampede
106Austin Toros
107Bakersfield Jam
108Albuquerque Thunderbirds
Round Ten
109Albuquerque Thunderbirds
110Bakersfield Jam
111Austin Toros
112Idaho Stampede
113Tulsa 66ers
114Los Angeles D-Fenders
115Arkansas RimRockers
116Dakota Wizards
117Fort Worth Flyers
118Colorado 14ers
119Sioux Falls Skyforce
120Anaheim Arsenal