Snake Charmers 2010-11: Mary

Name: Mary

Hometown: San Juan

Age: 20

Birthday: February 23


Thereís more to me that meets the eye. In a nutshell I am a person with a good head on her shoulders, goal oriented, and ambitious. My morals and values are the things that have shaped me into the lady I am today. Of course all that I've done and will do is all because of God's grace upon me. My family and friends occupy every place in my heart and every memory in my mind. I always have a positive attitude even when things go wrong I still keep my head up high. Itís rare when you wonít catch me with a smile on my face :) I am a very strong willed, optimistic, bubbly girl next door. I enjoy life to the fullest and believe every second countsÖso live life like youíll never live it twice. I love God, family, and friends. Steak and chocolate covered strawberries are the best!! My hobbies include dancing, sports, and working out. I apply the golden rule in my life, which is treating others, as you would want to be treated.

My parents, simply because they are strong, loving, hard working, selfless people who have taught me that no matter what obstacle comes my way confront it head on and donítí hold back because God wouldnít make a mountain I couldnít climb. Iíve absorbed every piece of advice throughout the years and Iím forever grateful for the person I am today. Love you mommy and daddy!!

Honestly if the guy is a gentlemen that can uphold a great conversation and keeps me laughing that's already good enough but since you asked my date would have to be the romantic funny type that can sweep me off my feet. I like a man with a plan with a twist that can incorporate the element of surprise that would just make my heart melt, leaving me speechless with a smile on my face.

FAVORITE FOOD: Steak (P.S. A1 steak sauce :) )

FAVORITE MUSIC Country and anything that makes me move

FAVORITE SONG: You Won't Relent, Bring me Flowers; It's my time Fancy

FAVORITE MOVIES: Man on Fire, Step Brothers, The Hangover, Taken, and of course chick flicks.

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Fresh Prince, Espn, The Office, Friends, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and anything on the TLC channel.

FAVORITE BOOK: Have not read it yet but I know I will love it is called "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang "by Chelsea Handler