2012-13 RGV Vipers Transactions

Nov. 21 – James Anderson received the team’s first GATORADE CALL-UP of the season by the San Antonio Spurs.
Nov. 23 – Vipers set opening night roster.
Nov. 25 – Houston Rockets recall Donatas Motiejunas
Nov. 26 – Houston Rockets recall Scott Machado
Nov. 27 – Vipers acquire Wesley Witherspoon from Austin in a three-team trade. RGV sent 2013 Third Round Draft Pick to the Santa Cruz Warriors. The Warriors traded Rick Jackson to the Toros.
Nov. 28 – Vipers waive Dominique Ferguson and deactivate Glen Rice, Jr.
Nov. 30 – Houston Rockets assign Terrence Jones and Scott Machado to RGV.
Dec. 3 – Houston Rockets recall Terrence Jones.
Dec. 9 – Vipers waive Wesley Witherspoon due to injury and activate Glen Rice, Jr.
Dec. 9 – Jeff Adrien received GATORADE CALL-UP by the Charlotte Bobcats
Dec. 14 – Vipers claim TaJuan Porter from the available player pool
Dec. 14 – Houston Rockets assign Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas
Dec. 16 – Houston Rockets recall Terrence Jones
Dec. 18 – Houston Rockets recall Donatas Motiejunas
Dec. 18 – RGV Vipers acquire Vernon Macklin and a second round 2013 draft pick from the Reno Bighorns
Dec. 20 – RGV Vipers release Reeves Nelson, deactivate Toure Murry due to injury and activate Vernon Macklin.
Dec. 22 – Houston Rockets recall Scott Machado.
Dec. 25 – Vipers release Demetri McCamey and re-acquire James Anderson.
Dec. 29 – Vipers activate Toure Murry and deactivate DeVon Hardin.
Dec. 29 – Houston Rockets assign Royce White.
Jan. 3 – Vipers acquire Andrew Goudelock from Sioux Falls in a three-team deal that sent Mike Singletary to Erie.
Jan. 4 – Vipers acquire Hassan Whiteside from Sioux Falls in exchange for Damian Saunders.
Jan. 7 – Houston Rockets assign Patrick Beverley to Vipers.
Jan. 8 – RGV Vipers acquire Terrel Harris.
Jan. 14 – Houston Rockets recall Terrence Jones and Patrick Beverley.
Jan. 16 – Houston Rockets reassign Terrence Jones to Vipers.
Jan. 21 – Vipers acquire Maalik Wayns, deactivate Kyle Fogg.
Jan. 22 – Rockets recall Terrence Jones and re-assign Donatas Motiejunas.
Jan. 23 – Chris Johnson receives GATORADE CALL-UP from the Memphis Grizzlies.
Jan. 27 –Vipers activate Wesley Witherspoon.
Jan. 28 – Houston Rockets Recall Donatas Motiejunas
Jan. 29 – Vipers release TaJuan Porter; acquire and activate Scott Machado. Maalik Wayns deactivated due to injury.
Feb. 2 – Houston Rockets assign Terrence Jones to Vipers.
Feb. 5 – The Vipers deactivate Terrel Harris due to injury.
Feb. 10 – Houston Rockets assign Greg Smith to RGV.
Feb. 15 – Rockets recall Greg Smith and Terrence Jones.
Feb. 19 - Vipers activate Chris Johnson, Maalik Wayns and deactivate Scott Machado due to injury.
Feb. 25 – Tim Ohlbrecht received GATORADE CALL-UP from Houston Rockets. Rockets assign Tyler Honeycutt to Vipers.
March 5 – RGV acquired Mike Singletary and DJ Kennedy in exchange for Mustafa Shakur, Terrel Harris, Wesley Witherspoon.
March 5 – Tyler Honeycutt recalled by Houston Rockets.
March 8 – Vipers acquire Chris Daniels and a 2nd round 2013 draft pick from Santa Cruz in exchange for Scott Machado.
March 9 – Maalik Wayns received GATORADE CALL-Up from the Los Angeles Clippers.
March 11 – Glen Rice, Jr. named NBA Development League Performer of the Week.
March 21 – Rockets re-assign Terrence Jones.
April 1 – Houston Rockets recall Terrence Jones.
April 9 – Houston Rockets assign Tim Ohlbrecht to RGV.
April 13 – Andrew Goudelock received GATORADE CALL-UP from the Los Angeles Lakers.
April 16 – RGV acquires guard Christian Polk.
April 25 – Andrew Goudelock named NBA D-League 2012-13 MVP.

James Anderson, San Antonio Spurs
Jeff Adrien, Charlotte Bobcats
Chris Johnson, Memphis Grizzlies
Tim Ohlbrecht, Houston Rockets
Maalik Wayns, Los Angeles Clippers
Andrew Goudelock, Los Angeles Lakers