RENO, NEV., October 8, 2012 — Reno Bighorns President Mike Reynolds will be “Principal for a Day” this Thursday, October 11th at Peavine Elementary School.

The “Principal for a Day” program is put on by the Education Alliance of Washoe County, in partnership with the Washoe County School District (WCSD). The purpose of the program is to educate local community and business leaders with a job shadowing event at WCSD elementary, middle and high schools.

“Programs like this are exactly what we want to be part of,” said Reynolds. “As soon as the current owners took over the team, they, along with myself and the rest of the Bighorns staff acted to get involved with the community.”

“The response from our business and community leaders continues to fuel this collaborative effort,” said Denise Hedrick, executive director of the Education Alliance of Washoe County. “Participants, administrators, business leaders, and community leaders leave the day with new insights, understanding, and strengthened relationships.”

On Thursday, business leaders and principals will start the day off at the school. The business leaders will shadow the principal in all their duties that day. These may include staff meetings, classroom observation and evaluation, bus duty, interactions with students, teachers and parents, administrative tasks and lunchroom duty.

This is the sixth time this event has been organized by the Education Alliance.

“The Bighorns are strongly committed to this community and being a part of this program will help the Bighorns continue to be involved with and learn more about this great community,” added Reynolds.