What the Finalists Are Saying About Daniels' Big Moment

Hours before Game 2 of the NBA D-League Finals, members of Fort Wayne and Santa Cruz shared their thoughts on Troy Daniels.


It feels like heís one of us. All of the D-League should be happy for him. I know Iím happy for him to see him do that in the playoffs on the big stageÖhim hitting tough shots like that, but thatís what heís expected to do, he hits tough shots.


I was watching the game, he played really well that game and that was a big shot and I actually knew that was going in because I've seen that same shot hit against us -- same stroke, same rhythm and everything. He's a good player and I'm glad he's doing his thing up there.


Iím happy for him. In this league weíre trying to get into the NBA and itís all about opportunities and he got his and he seized the moment. Watching, he didnít hesitate on his shot at all, you know, he actually called for the ball. He knew what he was going to do. He represented very well.


Heís made a lot of shots against us. We all knew he was capable of making shots; itís just good to see an alum and good to see a peer shine at a high level.

That's great that he hit that. We were just saying, he was just here in the D-League now he made that big shot. That's great for him and it really does make us all feel good and like we could also go up and do that.


It was a big shot for him, obviously that goes without saying. Heís done that so many times in the D-League. It was good to see him out there and do that.