Shane Edwards Signs with Cavaliers: Call-Up Breakdown

With the signing of Canton Charge forward Shane Edwards, the Cleveland Cavaliers are dipping into their own talent pool for the second time this season; three weeks ago, they signed Arinze Onuaku amid his monster season for Canton. But the move is not only a sign that the Charge have become a true farm team for the Cavs, it's a reward for one of the best players it's produced.

Edwards has been with the organization since before they were even called the Charge, making the 2011 NBA D-League All-Star team for the New Mexico Thunderbirds, who moved to Canton in 2011. He returned this season after a stint in Australia and had meshed well with a team -- 25-16 with three Call-Ups in the past three weeks -- that was greater than the sum of its parts.

The 6-7, 220-pound forward from Arkansas-Little Rock's numbers won't blow anyone away -- 13.3 points and 5.5 rebounds in 28.2 minutes per game -- but his 55% shooting (see shot chart on right) points to his maturity and polish after four years of professional seasoning.

Though he remains undersized for the power forward spot, he's used his quickness advantage to become an effective post player in the NBA D-League. Combine that with his cutting and slashing ability and you begin to understand how he's found 65% of his shots from within five feet this season -- and how he caught the eye of the big-league brass.


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