Seth Curry Signs with Cavaliers: Call-Up Breakdown

"You can go two directions after a Call-Up," Santa Cruz Warriors head coach Casey Hill said last week. "You can say, 'This is what I really wanted and I don't want to be in the D-League so I'm not gonna go hard.'

"Or you can say, 'That's what I want -- and I'm gonna get it.'"

Seth Curry chose the latter.

The Duke product's blistering start earned him a December Call-Up to the Grizzlies after just 12 NBA D-League games, but it ended 10 days later. While his numbers, particularly his assist totals, have leveled off since, it's the fine-tuning he's done to his game that makes him more ready for the next level this time around.

(Click here to read the official release on Curry's 10-day contract with the Cavaliers.)

Transitioning to the point offensively has come fairly naturally to Curry, just like it did for his brother; it's the other end of the court that remains a work in progress.

"He's got everything he needs offensively to be a point guard. Defensively, he just needs to continue to improve guarding ball screens, his ball pressure and being a little bit more of a pest," Hill said.

"It's been different going from guarding the wing in college to guarding the point guard position," said Curry. "I feel like I've done it well all year. It's just a matter of getting reps."

Surprisingly, Curry's had more success inside the arc than beyond it, shooting a so-so 36% from long range. That should change as he makes the switch from go-to guy to role player, at which point decision-making will be the key to his NBA future offensively.

"The main [adjustment] is handling the ball full-time," he said. "I feel like I can get my shot pretty much whenever I want. It's about balancing how aggressive I am offensively with how much I get my teammates involved."



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