Robert Sacre: Soulful Center, Social Sensation

The Lakers' center who filled in for a depleted Lakers frontcourt early in the season has risen to fame more because of his work on the bench. We catch up with him after his assignment to the D-Fenders.
The 60th pick in June's NBA Draft out of Gonzaga, Robert Sacre's known as an energy guy. The kind of guy who'll come onto the floor for a few minutes, contest a shot and send the ball shooting back the other way. The kind of guy who'll go horizontal -- if he's lucky -- to grab a rebound or save a loose ball. But he's famous right now because he's also the kind of energy guy who turns into one-man rave every time his team does something well.

On Friday, before his D-Fenders take on the Maine Red Claws (WATCH ON YOUTUBE) to start their East Coast swing, caught up with the rebounding and dancing machine.

And, while we were at it, put some much-deserved names to his moves.

The Thirsty Giraffe
Kevin Scheitrum, you've become a YouTube sensation over the past few days because of your dance moves on the bench. What's that been like?
I really haven't thought about that. Obviously I didn't think it was gonna blow up that crazy. I don't know who did the video, but I guess it's a cool video. It's cool to see that I have fans.
The Caged Gorilla
Have you been shocked by the interest in it?
Kind of. I'm just really on the bench -- it's not like I'm making these crazy, spectacular players. I'm just celebrating the spectacular plays.
The 'One...No Two Hot Dogs!'
Do you have any moves planned in advance? Or is this all off the cuff?
It's all pretty much off the cuff. I just feel like I just get super-excited about a great play.
The Old Lady Protecting Her Handbag
How much of this is just trying to make a contribution when you're not playing?
No question. I remember throughout high school, I appreciated my teammates, when I was playing, that were cheering for me and being really enthusiastic. I feel like it does something to guys. It does something for me when I play, so I try to give back.
The 'Call on Me!'
Are there any moves in particular where you're like, 'wow, I had no idea I did that?'
Nah. I just think it's funny how much it all blew up.
The Karate Kid
How did you find out it went so big?
All of a sudden someone said, 'by the way you have a YouTube video,' and I'm like, 'what?' And then my buddy told me, 'damn you got a lot of hits in one day!' That was basically it.
The Phantom Beach Ball
Any moves in there you wish you hadn't done?
Hey, it made the video so I can't really complain about it.
London Bridge is Falling Down
Have you had a chance to interact with any fans because of it?
People say, 'Man we love when you get off the bench and are super-excited. It's awesome.' It's cool, I'm glad the fans appreciate it.
The Yosemite Sam (Trilogy)
Do your teammates appreciate your moves?
The guys really don't talk about it.
The Human Windsock
At this point in your career, how important is it to you to just be an energetic teammate if you're not playing much?
That's very important. Everybody needs a good teammate. I work hard, I feel, in practice. I want to help my team. At the end of the day, honestly, I kind of feel like it's kind of selfish, but if I'm gonna be the 15th man, I want to be a 15th man on a winning team. I'll do all I can to help my team.
The Back Atcha
You've been compared to Ronny Turiaf on the bench. Is he a big influence behind your art?
Oh, Macaroni? [Turiaf's nickname at Gonzaga] Ronny's a great guy. He helped me through this whole process [of coming to the NBA] a little bit. I'm fortunate to know the guy. I've gone down the same path he did. It's been a good experience.