2014 NBA D-League Elite Mini Camp: Day 2 Recap

Director Bob MacKinnon offers his take on the prospects who are set for a big summer.

With the eyes of more than 50 different NBA scouts watching, the 37 NBA D-League prospects at the 2014 Elite Mini Camp had their last opportunity for two months to make an impression. "We tried to stress that on both days," said camp director and Los Angeles D-Fenders head coach Bob MacKinnon.

MacKinnon was pleased with the talent he saw on the court during a pair of scrimmages that played out in Chicago the day before the NBA Draft Combine hits the Windy City. He was particularly impressed with a crop of wings that included four former NBA players -- following a season that ended with six of the top eight on NBADLeague.com's Prospect Watch being wings.

We got a lot of comments from people about how well they actually played together," said MacKinnon. "It goes to show you the quality of coaching throughout the league that goes on throughout the year -- that you can get 37 guys together and in two days have them play at a high level together."

Here's MacKinnon's take on five standouts from the two days of action (click here to read a recap of Day 1):


"He showed he's athletic. He showed his ability to put ball on the floor, face up and attack. He's a guy that can really defend.

"I think he's got to improve his perimeter skills and become more of a consistent shooter. Once he does that, I think with how well he can defend and rebound, thatís where his real niche can be."


"Courtney had a terrific camp. He was one of the top three players in the camp. I think this summer's going to be a big summer for him. He's either going to break through in Summer League and get with an NBA team, or it's time to go to Europe. People just aren't sure what position he is: Is he a 2 or is he a 3?

"He knows how to play. He's good at everything. He shoots the ball, he runs off screens, he can put it down one or two dribbles and get to the rim. He's a good defender who's long and athletic enough."


"He's a very athletic guy. I think as the year went on -- and he showed in this camp -- he improved his ability to be a consistent three-point shooter. I think he still has a ways to go with that, but he's getting there. He's getting to the point where you cannot leave him out there.

"Right now he has the physical ability to be a lockdown defender, but he needs to learn to be a positional defender, especially off the ball. He tends to lose a little focus off the ball. That'll come with maturity."


"He has to become a more consistent player. Right now he's in between being a 3 and a 4. He's got to improve his skills and become a 3-man if he's going to play in the league.

"He's got to become much more consistent in being able to spot up and shoot the ball, and then when people close out on him, put it down with one or two dribbles without turning it over."


"He's very consistent in how he plays. If he's open, he's going to make shots. He's got a terrific shot fake, one-dribble pull-up. He's very good at cutting and getting open on cuts late in the shot clock, and he's got long arms and quick feet. He really knows how to play.

"Now he just needs someone to give him an opportunity. I think he showed NBA people that he's a guy that you want in the Summer League."