Shawne Williams Signs with Lakers: Call-Up Breakdown

Shawne Williams' destined-to-be-short stint in the NBA D-League lasted a whole 10 days, and now it's as if he never left. Back with the Lakers on a 10-day contract after playing four games with the affiliate D-Fenders, Williams is a prime example of the benefit of a one-to-one affiliation. It's no easier than in L.A., where players literally don't have to travel between the two teams; the D-Fenders play in the Lakers' practice facility. So when the parent club needs reinforcements in a pinch as desperately as the injury-riddled Lakers do, they're available at the drop of a hat.

Williams, who stepped into the NBA D-League at No. 7 on's Prospect Watch, didn't need to do much with the D-Fenders other than stay fresh. His brief stint can be viewed as a glorified shootaround, as he made 17-of-33 from beyond the arc in the four games (see shot chart below). The suddenly loaded team averaged 17 threes and 140.8 points in those games.

But Williams can certainly benefit from regaining his shooting rhythm, similar to the way a rehabbing MLB player finds his swing in the minor leagues, after shooting just 32.7% from three in his 32 games with the Lakers before being released on Jan. 7. The re-adjustment won't be difficult since, as Williams pointed out after their record-breaking 155-point effort on Wednesday night, the D-Fenders run virtually the same offense that Mike D'Antoni's installed with the Lakers.

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