Former Teammates Meet in NBA D-League Finals

SANTA CRUZ, Calif -- When Fort Wayne guard Ron Howard finds himself matched up against Santa Cruz wing Cameron Jones, he'll likely have a pretty good idea of how to guard him. Why? Because Howard, among other things, taught Jones his go-to move -- the Euro-Step.

When Jones was a rookie in 2011-12 playing for Fort Wayne, Howard, one of the league's elder statesman, took Jones under his wing and helped him diversify his skillset.

"Cam, he has that old school game," Howard said. "So him having (the Euro-Step) just adds to his reportiore. But he has all the shot fakes and up-an-unders and all that. He came in with that. So I can take a little credit for the Euro-Step, and I'll be ready for it this series too."

Howard, in his seventh season with the Mad Ants, became the league's all-time leading scorer this year while Jones averaged a career-best 19.4 points per game. Both were named All Stars and both will be focal points in the 2014 NBA D-League Finals.

Even though their careers continue to reach new heights, Jones, who says he received texts from Howard wishing him well in the Playoffs, still remembers Howard's influence from a few seasons ago.

"When I was rookie, Ron was pretty much my mentor," Jones said. "He showed me the ropes. He was the ultimate veteran on the court and off the court. It's going to be good getting to match up with him again."

There is no denying Howard's role as the consummate teammate and Jones may not be the only player that Howard has mentored. In the below video, Howard also graciously takes credit for the success of one of his current teammates.