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Get to Know the 2011 Class: Preseason Superlatives

Now that the dust has settled after the NBA Development League Draft powered by Cisco WebEx, we have some time to take a look at the incoming crop of NBA D-Leaguers. Since this is a transitional period for them, where they’ll be walking, heads-held-high into the future, we figured it was a good time to go back to school and get to know the incoming class with some preseason superlatives.

Most Likely to Make it Rain from Downtown
Durrell Summers (Maine, 24th overall)
Grab your umbrellas. This dead-eye shooter is great at coming off screens and getting himself in position to square up to the basket and make it rain. He averaged 37.5 percent from downtown during his college career, including 36 percent during a streaky senior season.

Biggest Pest
Jason Ellis (Idaho, 23rd overall)
Jason Ellis knows only one speed: faster than you. Ellis is a tremendous hustle player with a knack for doing whatever it takes to help his team win on both ends of the floor. He crashes the glass with reckless abandon posting impressive rebounding statistics including offensive and defensive rebounding percentages that placed him top 11 in his conference during all four years of his college career at Boise State. After getting cultured in the ways of tulips and clogs in Holland last year, Ellis should be ready to rev his engine on NBA D-League courts everywhere.
Heart of Glass
Chris Taft (Springfield, 48th overall)
Just call him Windex, because nobody cleans up the glass like Chris Taft. Standing a meager 6-foot-10 and weighing in at a paltry 261 pounds, it’s not hard to see why Taft has made a career of dominating the boards -- and he’s at his best on the offensive end. In fact, at Pitt, Taft’s offensive rebounds, total rebounds and offensive rebound percentage ranked him in the top eight in his conference both his freshman and sophomore year, before he was drafted by the Warriors in 2005.

Honorable Mention: Mac Koshwal (Bakersfield, 8th overall)
Most Likely to Reject You
Chris Taft (Springfield, 48th overall)
Grab some punch and fire up the grill because no one in this year’s incoming draft class likes a good block party more than Chris Taft. Picking up his second award in this superlatives session, Taft was an absolute swat-machine in college, blocking 1.7 shots per game at Pitt and cracking into the program's all-time top 10 list in just two years.

Most Athletic
Chris Wright (Maine, 3rd overall)
One word to describe Chris Wright’s athletic ability: freakish. What he may lack in a jumper he more than compensates for in explosiveness, speed and elevation. Wright feels at home above the rim, a place we expect to see him during much of the 2011-12 NBA NBA D-League season.

Best Moves
Courtney Fortson (D-Fenders, 64th overall)
Measuring in under six feet, Courtney Fortson possesses some unreal ball skills and boundless energy to match. Playing at Arkansas, you could find him spinning and slashing and dancing through the lane at will. They better have some crutches at the ready because Fortson will be breaking ankles all day in the NBA D-League this season.

Most Likely to Dish Dimes
Jamaal Tinsley (D-Fenders, 1st overall)
You don’t make it as a starting point guard for eight years in the NBA without a whole lot of generosity. Tinsley averaged a respectable 6.6 assists per game throughout his NBA career and will most certainly facilitate a culture of giving in the D-Fenders’ offense this season.

Most Likely to Have a Famous Family
Mustapha Farrakhan (Bakersfield, 13th overall)
Well, Mustapha is not just likely to be related to someone famous…he is related to someone famous. He’s the grandson of Louis Farrakhan, the founder of the Nation of Islam.

Runner-Up: Jarrid Famous