Call-Up Breakdown: Dewayne Dedmon to the Sixers


Even the best prospects in the NBA D-League come with a catch -- otherwise they wouldn’t be free to be scooped up by any team. Some were blue-chip high school recruits who’ve since fallen on hard times. Others were college stars not believed to have what it takes to make the step up in competition. Dewayne Dedmon has only been playing organized basketball for five and a half years; that’s why he’s in the minor league.

That said, Dedmon, ranked as’s No. 3 Prospect, may very well offer the best combination of current production and future potential of any player in the league. He was the comfortable leader in rebounds per game (13.5), was among the leaders in blocks (2.3) and field-goal percentage (54.0%), and opened the season with double-doubles in 10 of his first 11 games. Those numbers far surpassed anything he did at USC, where he was burdened with expectations to be a first-round NBA Draft pick perhaps too soon. And he’s still just 24 years old, still 7 feet tall with top-flight athleticism and a surprisingly far-along jump shot (see his season shot chart below).

There’s a reason why Dedmon went undrafted and why the Golden State Warriors swapped reliable vet Hilton Armstrong for him last month, however: He’s still extremely raw. The signs of rawness that popped up in college still haven’t gone away, mainly his sky-high foul rate (4.60 fouls in 33.7 minutes per game). If foul trouble is an issue against lower-tier competition, imagine the difficulty Dedmon will have when almost every player on the court can match his athleticism. That likely won’t be an issue while the Sixers experiment with him in short bursts, and for now he can be useful simply by using his natural ability to finish inside, knock down open jumpers, protect the rim and clean the glass. But the NBA D-League’s most intriguing Prospect still has a long way to go to ensure that his NBA stay lasts longer than 10 days.


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