Call-Up Breakdown: Chris Douglas-Roberts to the Bobcats

If things had shaken out just a bit differently, Chris Douglas-Roberts could very well be a steady, six-year NBA veteran by now. Instead, CDR has bounced around for much of the past three years, but the former University of Memphis star still possesses the skills he displayed as an up-and-coming scorer with the Nets, with whom many forget he averaged 16.4 points per game through the first two months of his second season in 2009-10. In his 161 NBA games overall, he’s been an almost identical offensive player to Gerald Henderson, a fixture in Charlotte’s starting lineup:

Douglas-Roberts (career, per 36 minutes): 13.4 points, 44/28/83% shooting, 2.2 assists/1.8 turnovers per game

Henderson (career, per 36 minutes): 16.0 points, 44/27/79% shooting, 2.5 assists/1.8 turnovers per game

(The advanced stats back this up.)

That’s essentially what CDR can bring to the Bobcats (see the press release on his signing): a ready-made slasher/mid-range shooter who will keep the offense afloat with the second unit. He could be even more effective if he stays hot from beyond the arc (see his six-game shot chart with the Legends this season on the left), but years of evidence shows he more resembles the player from his 11-game stint last year (right).

That jibes with Charlotte’s style, as the Bobcats rank second-to-last in the league with 15.3 three-point attempts per game and sixth in the league with 25.7 mid-range attempts per game. They could use CDR’s touch, too -- despite that volume, their 34% shooting from mid-range ranks third-to-last.

It’s a good fit by the numbers, but it remains to be seen whether a 26-year-old still searching for his niche at the next level has finally found it. “Everything is different now. When I first came out, I just expected everything to happen,” Douglas-Roberts told the New York Times in October while spending training camp with the Knicks. “I expected to be in the NBA. I was upset when I got picked late (40th overall). I didn’t know how much of a blessing it was just to be in NBA. So the last couple of years have made me appreciate the little things.”

“I don’t really want to resurface until I feel that I’m in the right position.”