AP Hoops: The League's Top 10 Most Efficient Players (So Far)

No stat correlates better to NBA Call-Ups than PER -- a measure of a player's efficiency. Through the season's first 10 days, these are the players who've done it best to open the year.

Names to Know

The NBA D-League season is still young. But after 12 days of play, we have enough games in the bank for our statistical picture to begin taking shape -- and for Prospects to start inching their way to the front of the Call-Up pack. As we mentioned in our first discussion of this season, there are several stats which tend to have a high correlation with the likelihood of a call-up; among these, none is more important than the player efficiency rating (PER).

PER, created by ESPNs John Hollinger, serves as a per-minute rating that, quite simply, aggregates all the positive things players do on the floor and subtracting the negative plays. Moving forward we will track the leaders in this statistic each week to potentially surface the next NBA Call-Up. As of now, the top 10 PER list as follows.

Varnado,Jarvis Sioux Falls34.95
Foster,Will Sioux Falls33.04
Jenkins,John *Bakersfield29.07
Douglas-Roberts,Chris Texas28.20
Jones,Kevin Canton26.81
Nunnally,James Bakersfield26.59
Jones,Terrence * Tulsa25.65
Rojas,Sadiel Fort Wayne25.63
Wright,Chris C. Maine24.26
Kelley,Tre Austin23.79

* NBA Assignment

Of course, there are a few names that grace this list who are not particularly surprising. Jarvis Varnado, our No. 4 overall Prospect, has been a force so far this season and was last weeks NBA D-League Performer of the Week with a staggering block per game average of 5.7.

Chris Douglas-Roberts and Chris Wright -- our first and second overall Prospects, respectively -- have also rolled out a string of superior performances this year while Kevin Jones has already played himself into a Call-Up from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

John Jenkins and Terrence Jones have excelled so far during their NBA D-League assignments from their NBA teams and could be in line to be recalled in the near future.

Nunnally, Kelly, Foster and Rojas may be overlooked for their per-game statistics but their overall efficiency -- as good an indicator of NBA Call-Ups as we have -- has been tremendous. Foster, Rojas and Kelly are three of the most efficient shooters in the league with eFG% of 81.8%, 75% and 70% respectively, while Nunnally not only shoots well, but barely ever turns the ball over (TORatio = 6.79).

Well continue to track how these players develop throughout the season and which players from this list ultimately grace NBA rosters.