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A.P. Hoops Archive

See the world of Top Prospects in a different light, as our A.P. Hoops series looks at the league through the lens of advanced stats to get a better idea of who's destined for a GATORADE Call-Up.

2012-13 Season

Need help predicting the future? Let this list be your guide.
No. 2 overall Prospect Jerome Jordan has the numbers to back it up.
Crunching the numbers before two of the league's best teams meet in Monday's third game.
A new (and extremely large) Idaho pick-up and an under-the-radar Texas wing take center stage.
A deeper look at the advanced stats behind the Showcase's opening game.
Two of the three most efficient Prospects in the NBA D-League have already earned Call-Ups this year. Is Arinze Onuaku headed up next?
Three of the four NBA Call-Ups this year have fallen in the top 20 in rebounding percentage. Do boards equal boarding passes?
No stat correlates better to NBA Call-Ups than PER -- a measure of a player's efficiency. Through the season's first 10 days, these are the players who've done it best to open the year.
The first weekend of NBA D-League action saw a slew of Top Prospects vault up the charts. What do they need to go to go higher?
Which former NBA D-League players in the NBA stand at the top of five core advanced metrics?
In the Year Two return of our AP Hoops series, Sam Farber lets us in on a not-so-secret statistic that gives fans a sneak preview of the next GATORADE Call-Up

2011-12 Season

Which of the eight teams in Playoff position rebounds the best? Or gets to the line the most? With a week left in the regular season, we break down how the eight teams got here -- and what about their playing style gives them a chance in the postseason.
After a few teams fell short of addressing all their needs at the Trade Deadline, a few NBA D-League players look like ideal candidates to play a role in the home stretch.
Jeremy Lin just finished off a historic, unprecedented run in his first five starts with the Knicks. Could we have seen this coming? Probably not.
Assists per game give us a pretty good idea of a player's ability to distribute the ball. But only if everybody were playing the same minutes per game at the same exact pace, of course.
Blake Ahearn's advanced stats bear out a player that looks a whole lot like the one we see on the court.
Flat scoring stats don't take into account the number of possessions a team has in a game -- what if everyone moved at the same pace of play?
Walker Russell, Jr. -- called up to the Pistons on Jan. 20 -- is a longtime star in the NBA D-League. What about his play made him a must-get this year?
Today, we focus on determining the best way to track how well a team takes advantage of its possessions by heading to the free throw line -- and converting once it's there..
Which teams are best at attacking the boards -- regardless of how many shots go up?
How do the NBA D-League teams stack up in terms of taking care of the basketball so far this season? Check out Sam Farber's Turnover Ratio rankings to find out.
There's a reason why 3-pointers are worth more than shots from inside: because they're harder to make. So why does field goal percentage count twos and threes as the same thing? There's a better way, Sam Farber writes.
In the age of Moneyball, conventional stats just don't cut it anymore -- especially in the case of evaluating prospects.