New Parquet Floor Unveiled at Expo!  

"The venerable Portland Exposition Building is undergoing a revitalization as the Maine Red Claws, presented by Quirk Chevrolet, unveiled their new parquet floor. The new floor, built by Robbins Inc. of Cincinnati, OH, will be the home court of the Maine Red Claws and Portland High School basketball. The new parquet was revealed to the media on Thursday, May 28, 2009 by Red Claws President and General Manager Jon Jennings, as well as Chris Pepin, Robbins Portables Project Manager, and Greg Pierce, Robbins Portables Sales Manager.

Set up in a parquet, or Boston Square®, pattern, the new floor is made of a layer of 2” x 3” manufactured underlayment rails with a layer of full ½” plywood with the flooring nailed to the plywood. The floor has metal to metal connectors and uses what is called a zip drop pin setup. Although the initial installation and training took approximately 3 hours to complete, during the season, the Expo staff will be able to complete the process in approximately 1 ½ hours. The Red Claws logo surrounded by the outline of the state of Maine dominates center court, while two Portland High School Bulldogs logos will adorn opposite corners. The lanes will be painted Portland High School blue.

“The new floor is absolutely stunning, and Robbins Sports Service did an outstanding job of bringing our vision to reality,” said Jon Jennings, Maine Red Claws President and General Manager. “I am looking forward to seeing not only our players but players at every level enjoying the court. Hopefully it will see many, many championships for many years to come.”

From Wisconsin to Maine...The Making of the Parquet