D-Fenders Season of Giving Event: Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

To tip off the Los Angeles D-Fender’s Season of Giving holiday initiative the players, coaches and staff visited the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help with the Food Sorting Project. The LA Food Bank “provides food for nearly 900 member agency sites including abused and abandoned children homes, battered women shelters, senior centers, local food pantries, soup kitchens, AIDS hospices and more.” It is estimated that 400,000 children in Los Angeles face hunger. This number astonished the players, coaches and staff and they decided collectively to join forces with the LA Food Bank to donate their time this holiday season.

The D-Fenders began their visit with watching two videos explaining how the LA Food Bank works and the effects it has had on the Los Angeles community. After the videos the group was taken on a tour of the facility and then given their job for the day. The D-Fenders were lead to a large warehouse with rows of pallets filled with bread. These pallets reached various heights, some even taller than the D-Fenders players.

Coach Eric Musselman led the activity and explained what the D-Fenders specific job entailed. “We are dealing with bread today. We are boxing it correctly and checking for mold. The guys are doing a great job with a lot of enthusiasm.” The bread was divided in to three groups: good plain bread, good sweet bread and bread that needed to be thrown away. After the bread was separated it was then boxed up and put on a pallet for delivery.

Not all of the D-Fenders were inspecting the packages of bread. “They have me collecting empty crates and packaging up all of the boxes.” Otis George explained.

The D-Fenders were in the giving spirit and happy to be a part of the Food Sorting Project. Reflecting on the past, Zach Andrews talked about how his experiences growing up and how he once was one of those people that benefited from a food bank. “You can see someone at school who doesn’t look hungry but in all actuality they may not have a bed to sleep in and they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Doing projects like this shows the respect that we have for the community.”

The Los Angeles D-Fenders would like to thank the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank for allowing the team to contribute to their Food Sorting Project as well their hard work day in and day out putting food on the plates of families around Los Angeles.

“The community is what supports teams and as professional athletes it is important that you give back. Coach Eric Musselman.

12/08/11 D-Fenders Visit LA Food Bank Gallery

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank website: http://www.lafoodbank.org/about-us/history.aspx